First time with the blogging…


So…I’ve had a pretty insane month. I don’t want to dwell on that.

I always try and tell my students “When you’re a performer, no one in the audience cares if you’ve had a bad day. No one cares if your husband is a jerk, or if your job sucks. All they care about, is that you’re a beautiful dancer. When they look at you on stage, all they should think is ‘Wow. A bellydancer, she’s so pretty. She must work in the studio all day long and do nothing but dance.’ And that’s it.”

So I’m going to try and keep this on focus, with tutorials, reviews, and pictures of nail art and makeup I’ve been playing with in the past month. I’m thinking this blog is going to help me keep a creative focus while my life is spinning around me. Sorry in advance if doesn’t. I’m sure there’ll be some days in the near or distant future where I’ll slip and need to vent

I’ve got a bunch of nail art I need to get uploaded dating back to before Halloween. (Because that’s when said life exploded.) So in the next couple of days, I hope to get the pictures up and the products listed below them. Also, I’ve got a review and a mini haul to put up….

In theory my new lap top will have a camera on it, and I do want to start doing tutorials. Mostly for my students to make all of our lives easier.


First Mini Review: No pictures needed.

Sally Hanson’s Strengthening Top Coat

Last night I water-marbled my nails. It’s getting easier, and I’m very happy with the results for the first time. I also tried out the top-coat I bought at Wal-Mart since my old China Glaze one was all empty.

Since I haven’t been able to get out much these last few weeks, I hadn’t gotten to Sally’s to purchase the Seche Vite top-coat everyone raves about….I was however able to swing by Health and Beauty while at Wally-World and I picked up the Sally Hanson Strengthening Top Coat for about 3.39. I was in a pinch, and wasn’t sure when I’d get to Sally’s…so I gave in. (I actually made it to Sally’s on Sunday, that’s besides the point.)

You know…I’m thrilled with the Sally Hanson Top Coat!! I was worried it’d be thin, or chip, or make the color streak even after it’s dry (Like O’Rly’s topcoat does every fricken time I try it!). SH did none of those!! It’s thick, and smooth, and thus far just lovely. I had missed a spot on one of my nail tips that was a tad rough from the marbling, so I applied it over the tip and down the nail and it blended in with the already-there top coat just perfectly. My nails feel nice and smooth, no unevenness from the marbling. LOVE IT.

I’m a little sad to say this…but I like SH’s topcoat over China Glaze’s….and I’m pretty loyal to CG.

For an investment under 4 bucks, I totally recommend SH’s Strengthening Top Coat.


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