Mini Haul/Review Nailpolish multi-brands!




Here’s my mini nail polish haul over the past couple of weeks….for some reason a new shade of nail polish makes me happy. And I’ve needed a lot of happy lately! lol

Lets start out with the China Glaze set. I went into Sally’s looking for an obnoxious yellow glitter polish for my toe nails, and didn’t find one. I DID however find that CG had out their holiday sets!! With the Sally Club Card, the trio pictured above was only 6.99!! That’s like getting two bottles of China Glaze for FREE!! For 8.99 they have another set that comes with a wine bottle cork, which I may have to go back and get because I did love the colors…

Anywho, so about this set. The three colors are as followed from left to right: 1020 Pointsettia, 1001 Twinkle Lights, and 1004 Holly-Day. I love love love Holly-Day. It’s such a yummy rich green! I keep looking at it and expecting it to be matte, but it’s not. It’s got a nice low sheen to it. Pointsettia threw me for a minute. I expected it to be a deep red when applied, but the first coat is more of a magenta. After the second coat the color becomes more true to the bottle, and a lovely perfect holiday red. Now Twinkle Lights….I’m torn on this. I can’t decide if I like it or not. Gold glitter with red and green glitter. It’s fairly thick, and gives good coverage in two coats. It reminds me of X-Mas ornaments from the 1950’s that my Nana and Papa had on their tree.

Moving on….While looking into flu shots, I of course walked through the cosmetics section…and Call You Later 932 from Sinful Colors caught my eye. I’m not a huge fan of SC brand. I’ve gotten a gold and neon green in the past from them and was highly disappointed by their color pay off, and the fact I had to apply like 10 coats for any true color….anyways….Since it’s a glitter, I knew what I was getting into. I’m really pleased with it to be honest, and 2 coats pretty much gets you full true color. So koodoes for that! Did I mention it was a dollar?? It was on sale…

Ulta was having a huge sale as well a couple weeks ago. BOGO on their cosmetics!! Nail polish too! A few of the polishes I snagged arn’t pictured…I couldn’t remember which ones were new or not. The ones that ARE pictured are as followed from L to R: Bam-Blue-Zled, Dance Teal Dawn, and Concrete Evidence. Not pictured are: Vintage Violet, Not from Concentrate, and Green with Envy…..Bam-Blue-Zled I was a little disappointed with. I was hoping it’d be more blue, it comes out violet, not perrywinkle as I had hoped. It’s still nice and creamy though, and I do over all like it. I LOVE Dance Teal Dawn. It’s just such a nice rich awesome aqua. Love love LOVE it. I’d been looking for a creamy almost matte grey for awhile, and I found it with Concrete Evidence. Not disappointed in that color in the least. Applies well. Love it. I don’t have much to say about Vintage Violet, it’s a violety pink. Mostly pinkish. Not from Concentrate is a sheer orangey-gold color. It’s pretty over black, but doesn’t stand alone well unless you like REALLY sheer colors…which I don’t. Green with Envy is so dark green it’s nearly black. Just like Dance Teal Dawn, but more green. I love it. Over all, I’m really happy with Ulta’s quality. I was leery to try the store brand at first, but I’m so pleased with them!

When I was at Ulta, I picked up a Barielle color called Sailor’s Delight. It’s a creamy pink. I like the way it looks and applies, it’s very rich and creamy. I do not like the smell of Barielle nail polish. I’m not sure about this brand, I’ve looked and looked and it’s not something they carry anymore I think. I have one other polish from them called Cashmere, and I’ve never seen them elsewhere. Huh.

Last…Milani. I was telling my mother about my search for an obnoxious yellow glitter polish…and she translated that into Gold. It’ll work for now I suppose….although my toes are not nearly as obnoxious as I had hoped. L to R: 103 Gold Lame and 3D Holo 510. Gold Lame…yupp. It’s a gold polish. lol I’m not sure what to say about the color. It’s true to the bottle, and yes. It’s gold. 2 coats will do. 3D Holo is fun, it’s sparkly and gives the same sort of effect the Tron line of China Glaze did. Iridescent glitter is pretty. It’s not the chunky yellow glitter effect I want though.


Friday I think I’ll get a bunch of nail art up from the past month…as this post was a bit lengthy.

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.



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