Nail Art and Rambling


I broke a nail today…and I had just gotten my nails all long and lovely again. So sad….so I chopped them all down. Further more….The breaking nail killed my awesomely awesome marble manicure. ;_;

I decided to go ahead and re-marble them again. Success.

In the process, I also decided to organize my nail polish, since Mom was nice and got me a Color Theory gift set from CVS. So, rounding up everything I went to haul it downstairs, and didn’t even get out of my dressing room before the latched popped and it went CRASH.

Sadly, I had one fatality. A bright pink from the Color Workshop collection from WalGreens…and on further inspection this evening, I’m 99% sure Color Workshop and Color Theory are the same thing. So it wasn’t a huge loss, as the exact same pink was in my new collection.

The colors are….m’eh. They’re alright, nothing fantastic quality wise. There is a black with sliver glitter that stood out, but it took 4 coats to become opaque. Maybe over a black?

Onto the Nail Art…

I was very proud of this manicure. The exact shade of gold and neutral shimmer escape me, as I borrowed them from my mother. Both as Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure. Black lines are the black Sinful Colors nail art bottle.

A little blurry…My Halloween mani….as in the one I wore ON Halloween. OPI He’s My Boo with Sinful Colors nail art black over it to make the stitches.

I really loved how this one came out. Yellow is Revlon’s Top Speed 305 Electric. I took a cosmetic glitter called Glitter Splash, and dabbed it on the tips before the base polish dried completely, then added a top coat. The glitter is called Glitter Splash, and I bought it at Ulta shortly before Halloween. I wish I had more info on it, because I love the way it applies to polish.

Fade with glitter tips. Revlon Top Speed 305 Electric (Yellow), Sinful Colors This is It (Gold), Wet n Wild Fast Dry 9021Orange (Orange), Wet n Wild Everyone Loves Redmond (Red), and Glitter Splash Red cosmetic glitter. I LOVE how the red glitter applied to the tips, it was almost like a glitter foil effect.

And here’s the marble-mani that just died. ;_; Base coat was Ulta’s Concrete Evidence (Grey). The marble colors were: Ulta’s Dance Teal Dawn, Bam-Blue-Zled, and Revlon’s Top Speed Electric (Yellow)

What’s next…Not sure. It’d be a little silly to do another marble manicure, as  my new one is pretty darn close to the one I just posted. I’m thinking maybe a collection post? We’ll see what I feel like doing.


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