Giant Eagle


Ok, so this wasn’t the post I was planning to do today. I had this whole nail review glitter art thing to post…I even took pictures! But something happened to me today that I wanted to share, because I think good deeds need to be paid forward.


I went to the Pharmacy at the Giant Eagle, located in Middleburgh Hts, OH. Their Southland location to be exact. I’d been there before to fill prescriptions for this and that over the years. Lately however, with out saying too much about things I said I wasn’t going to dwell on, our prescription needs have grown, and the ones we need are quite  costly.

The women of the dance community here in North East, OH have been so thoughtful and giving this past month, and I’ve been gifted over 100 dollars in gift cards to Giant Eagle (among other place, GE just happened to be the most common place.) So, that being said, I knew this RX was going to cost a fortune, as all the docs and nurses have told me thus…so to GE I went!

I was in line, and fully prepared to pay an arm and a leg, and use my gift cards. When the woman behind the counter (Who’s name was Kim) gave me my total I was very confused. It was only 27 dollars. I was expecting it to be at least 90. So I asked her if she had the right order, and she said yes, then explained to me that they swiped through a discount code for me, because if they hadn’t it would have been 266 dollars. I started to cry.

I am so grateful to the workers at Southland Giant Eagle Pharmacy. They were SO busy. I had a 45 minute wait, and then I was the 8th person in line. So busy, but they took the time to help someone in need. I am so truly touched by their kindness. I was on the phone calling the 1800 number to report their good deed before I was even in my car. I told the woman my story through tears, and she’s going to nominate them for an award. It was really the least I could do for Kim and her coworkers.


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