Owies…and a Haul


So, I painted my toe nails an awesome neon yellow with glitter. It’s very obnoxious, and very sparkly, and inside light doesn’t do it a lick of justice. Outside it’s like BAM OMGYELLOW!…And yes. I know tomorrow is December, AND that it snowed this morning….but I’m still wearing sandals. Don’t hate.

Anywho, so yesterday I was rolling across the floor (short distance, more like turning around in the office chair and scooting 2 feet) over to the light source in the room to take nail-wheel pics, when I caught my pinky toe nail on a Rubbermaid tote. It pulled the nail upwards, and right off my foot! ;_;

Well…almost right off my foot, because it was hanging on, and I had to rip it off. The whole nail being pulled up didn’t hurt, ripping off what was left did, and was quite a bloody mess.


Yupp…owie…kinda blurry…but owie…

Onto my mostly gifted Haul…except I did purchase the Glitter Caddy…

My mother bought me another one of those CVS brand holiday nail polish sets…GLITTER this time! It’s called Shades of the Season, and comes in a 1yard plastic tube. Not too bad really, I liked it for the most part. You do need 3-4 coats to get a true bottle color though…buuut….loooook!

It’s sooooo….iridescent and aqua and sparkly and reflective and pretty!! The entire set pictured above cost 9.99, and I would have seriously paid that JUST for this polish alone. I was worried once I put it on my nail wheel, it might loose it’s awesomeness, as is the case with most polishes…but…

It so didn’t!!! How freakin’ awesome is that! In the above photo, it is shown over black polish. I tried it over white as well, and it was pretty enough, but not worth photo-ing. The one bad thing about this: If you plan to wear it over another color, you need to be sure you’ve got a thick amount on your brush, and re-dip often, or else it WILL drag up and almost melt the base color. It’s what happened to the white I tried it over…and yes. The white polish was COMPLETELY dried on my nail wheel.

For those curious, the colors next to it are L to R: Piggy Polish: 0270 You’re Blue-ti-ful over white, OPI: Zombody Luvs Me over white, (Glitter Color), Ulta: Not From Concentrate over Black (I’ve mentioned this in a previous blog), Sally Girl mini iridescent no name on bottle, and Sally Hanson: Hard As Nails in Sugar Kisses over black…..Yes…this is my iridescent wheel. Thank you for asking.

The only other thing I can say for the Yard of Color is that the Red is really more of a magenta color when used, and the gold is a very pretty tope color.

So…onto the Basic Elements Glitter Caddy…

In the Caddy you get the following 6 neon colors: Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue, Green and Magenta

After a long search for cosmetic glitter in a good enough OMFGYELLOW color, I gave up and figured I’d try Wal-Mart’s craft department as a last stitch effort for glitter, with out having to go to Ulta and get some NYX pigment….So for 4 bucks, I picked up the Glitter Caddy in Neon. I’m glad I did! It’s really kinda the perfect shade of yellow…Pictured above, it’s mixed with a larger iridescent glitter I had to give it more depth, and is layered over Salley Hanson’s Hard as Nails X-Tream Wear27 Mellow Yellow.

Anywho…All in all I do like the glitter, and it works well for nail art. You really do have to pack it on there however, but that’s the case with most glitters.

All require a base coat of your desired color, and a heafty clear top coat. The green and orange, I’m not trilled with…The green really doesn’t sparkle, and the orange is more of a blue/green/silver sparkle then orange…Mind you I do love Aqua colors, but I got this for the ORANGE.

The pale pink glitter on the wheel is by Milani: 89 Disco Lights. I put it on my glitter wheel for a good comparison, since it’s a shade of glitter polish I own that is ALL glitter little bit polish. All in all, I’d say the Purple, Blue, and Magenta rocked. The other three were more chunky when applied, but are still okay.

The red and black glitter I’ve mentioned in other posts with nail art, and are by LA Splash Cosmetics, Glitter Splash cosmetic glitter: http://www.LASPLASHCOSMETICS.com. I’m so excited I found the brand for this cosmetic glitter, I just love how it applies to nails, and it’s super affordable! I’ll be heading to their website later…


Okay, checked out their site! They do sell nail art glitter, and it’s pretty inexpensive compared to the cosmetic glitter! I’m excited to try it, their other products look pretty awesome too…like their eyeliners. OooOoo I am drooling a little.


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