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Golden Flowers Nail Art


Much prettier in real life.

I picked up the flower decals at Sally’s. I love aqua, and I thought the green flowers were unique, so I thought I’d play around.

Manicure for accent finger is Sally Hanson’s Complete Salon Manicure in : Fairy Teal

Other fingers are China Glaze: World Peace under Sinful Colors: This is It. It made this really pretty tarnished gold color.

Mystique Products 10% Off!!


(Their website is currently down. ;_; Here’s the addy anyways. )

*All photos are property of the etsy site and do not belong to me unless stated otherwise.


I have a weakness in life. Natural and Hand Made Soaps.

Last year, I started watching Youtube, and many of my favorite beauty bloggers all recomneded using shampoo bars, so much so I wanted to try one for myself. I was just making plans to drive out to our local Lush when Qaina rolled around, and one of the vendors was selling Mystique Products. As I dated by her table, I noticed she had Shampoo Bars!

So this saved me from hauling myself across town, and dishing out even more money on a product I might not even like. Now, at the time, I thought 6 bucks for a bar of anything soap like was rediculas. That was then, this is now.

Over the past year, I’ve learned you pay a little more for quality. And in all honesty, Mystique Products has some of the best prices out there for shampoo bars and natural soaps. I did quite a bit of shopping around on etsy, and I compared prices per amount. Defiantly a great deal!

Right now, their etsy site is offering a 10% off code on all purchases made before the new year!! I just placed a new order today, and I can’t wait to get it and give a review! I was very torn between waiting until I got the new stuff, or going ahead and posting this so you all can know what an awesome company this is, AND take advantage of the sale…Sale won out.

So here’s what I -have- tried.

Shampoo Bars:

Lotus and Ylang Ylang Natural Shampoo Bar

This was my very first shampoo bar ever, and my very first Mystique Prodcut! I LOVE THIS SHAMPOO BAR!! When I first used it, it left my hair squeeky clean…litterly. All night I kept waking up and thinking my hair was still oily, when it really just hadn’t dried. Once I was awake and moving around, my hair dried and was BEAUTIFUL. I have long naturally wavy hair that usually needs a heavy conditioner, but this was just perfect.

All Natural Shampoo Bar for Oily and Extra Clean Hair

This was my second shampoo bar. Still a great product, but for my own personal hair I liked the Lotus and Ylang Ylang better.

Plain and Simple Shampoo Bar: no scent, no herbs

I bought this bar for my hubby to try. He had started to go bald, and needed a gentle soap that would help tame his massive snarls and tangles in his long thick curly/wavy hair. This did the trick! He was surprised at how well it worked to keep out the tangles. Now that he’s bald, he uses it on his scalp and just adores it.


Dark Chocolate Natural Vegan Soap

Smells clean, with a hint of chocolate. The chocolate scent sort of reminds me of stale chocolate, the sort that turns pale and crumbles….But that’s not a bad thing! It’s not an over-powering scent at all, and is very relaxing.

Cinnamon Chocolate Soap

Love, love, love this one! And it’s funny, because I thought I was going to hate it at first!! It’s a wonderful spiced chocolate, that reminds me of Mexican Drinking Chocolate. I wish I could lick it off my body when I use it. It leaves your skin feeling clean and smooth. Wish I could get more of this, but etsy doesn’t have it listed. ;_;

Gentle Oatmeal Natural Vegan Soap

I smell a very light oatmeal scent. Plain oatmeal, uncooked at that. It’s like sticking your nose into a Quaker Oat Meal canister and taking a big sniff.

Spring All Natural Vegan Soap

This soap reminds me of a forest during the early spring, that scent when the snow is starting to melt, and everything is cool and wet. Sort of a moss like aroma to it, with a very faint flower undertone you really have to strain to smell as well as a “soapy” smell. It’s a delicate fragrence that is both simple and complex all at the same time.

I just placed an order for the following:

Rosemary and Sage Shampoo Bar for Dark Hair, Charcoal for Joints and Muscles Vegan Soap, Bouncing Beer All Natural Shampoo Bar, and Fire Elemental Soap.

I cant wait to try these! Super excited!!

X-Mas Tree Mani



Happy Holidays!!

The Shuvani Dance Studio Holiday Party is tonight, and I thought I’d do a cute little mani to be festive!

The base is Milani 3D. The Base of the trees are China Glaze Holly Days with a generic green glitter polish from one of those X-Mas Yard of Color sets (I reviewed it a bit ago.). The little white “stars” I purchased at Sally’s.

I’m also rocking a pretty fierce white, red, and green eyeshadow combo, but the camera I used (while awesome for taking nail pics, and I’ll be using it again…) doesn’t pick up makeup well, and makes my skin look like death. So hopefully this makeup will last the night, or until I get my other camera.

The Bee Folks


I discovered this wonderful company a few years back at my second Pennsic War.

My lips were sunburned, and so chapped and dried I was miserable. And not only did I -not- have chap stick, but I hated it. I still hate chap stick, with a burning passion.

I was on my way to the camp store to suck it up and buy some chap stick, when I walked past the Bee Folks’ booth, and noticed the sold lip balms!!

I bought one of their Black Cherry lip balms and fell in love. They had a customer for life!

I love their company so much, and I’ve tried so many of their products I thought I’d share my views with all of you.

All of the links and pictures are directly from the Bee Folks web site and are not my property.

Lip Balms:

All their lip balms are made from Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Beeswax, Honey, Aloe, and Vitamin E.  Each is long lasting, and thick with out being heavy or sticky. What I love to do with these, is put them on when I go to bed, and in the morning, my lips are soft and lovely, and there is still balm on my lips. Amazing.

Spending lots of time in the hospital lately, we’ve come to rely on these balms to keep our lips from drying out. Also, it’s wonderful to put on cracked skin around and under your nose.

Black Cherry is by far my favorite flavor. I just love the way it tastes. If you’ve ever had Cherry Garcia ice cream by Ben and Jerry, then you know the cherry flavor and scent in this balm. I’ve unfortunately surrendered this balm to my husband, as he isn’t a fan of pineapple…

Tropical Delight reminds me of a pinacolada, or being on the beach. It has a gentle pineapple flavor to it, and a hit of coconut…Sort of like the Hawaiin Tropic’s tanning oil. I’m a beach bum when I can be, and I just love this balm.

I can’t say enough good things about their lip balms, and they are well worth the 4 bucks. They last forever and a year. I’ve had the black cherry balm for almost 4 years now, and it’s still going strong, even after I left it in my make up case and it melted. I was able to squish it back into the tube and toss it into the fridge. It’s reformed nicely, and works just fine again.

Above is their Lavender Delight hand cream with Avocado and Jojoba Oils.

This solid lotion leaves your skin soft and smooth, with the smell of natural lavender.

If you’re looking for a lavender product like most retail sellers offer, keep looking. This scent is of pure, real, natural lavender, and is a bit spicy, not floral. I for one think this is a great thing, as I love the scent of lavender and have a rather impressive bush of it growing outside my front door.


Their candles have such a wonderful honey aroma. I just adore them. They cast their natural beeswax candles in almost any shape you could think of…from a garden gnome to a penis…you know you want a penis candle…you know you do.

Rather then burn the candles (although they burn just great!) you can stick them in the window in direct sunlight and enjoy their natural honey scent with out the candle loosing it’s shape.

I bought my mother an angel candle two years ago, and it still holds it’s scent after sitting in a window all this time.


I have tried many of their honey flavors over the years…here are a few…

Killer Bee, Meadow Foam, Blackberry, Brazillian Pepper, Creamed Honey, Echinacea, Orange Blossom, Wildflower.

Quick Thoughts:

Killer Bee- Robust and bold flavored, but wonderful.

Meadow Foam- Takes 4 years to make, seriously. Is more expensive but well worth the extra cost. Tastes like toasted marshmellows and is AWESOME with chicken nuggets.

Brazillian Pepper: Spicy, but just enough. Has a great peppery flavor. I think it’d also rock on chicken nuggets, however I havent bought it in a large enough quantity to try it yet.

The other flavors I do believe a more distinguished pallet could tell apart, except for the creamed honey, which of course stands out with a buttery goodness.

Now…on to the good stuff…MEAD!

I’m not a lush, I swear. At Pennsic War this year, I discovered the amazing Bee Folks offer free mead samples every day! I got to try so many different flavors, and I made it a habit to swing by their booth on my way back to camp every day.

Here’s what I tried:

Blackberry, Blueberry, Cherry Gal, Elderberry, May, Midsummer, Raspberry, Spice

Now…I can safely say the only two I didn’t care for were the Raspberry and the May Meads. Both are a more dry mead, and I just don’t care for dry wines. If that’s your thing, hell you need to drink these meads….

As for the rest, I was in heaven!! By far the Spice Mead is my hands down favorite. It reminds me of everything that’s wonderful about fall.

Cherry Gal is a close second, and is just awesome. I however need to drink with caution, as I’ve found cherry wines or too much cherry in general gets me pretty sick!

I highly recomend their quick mead kits, for anyone who’s wanted to try mead in the past.


In closing, I can safely say that every year when I return to Pennsic, I buy something from this wonderful company. They offer free honey samples all day long, and they’re happy to answer any of the questions you may have. They’re always happy and in a great mood no matter how busy their booth is.

I hope I get to attend Pennsic next year, and I hope they’ll be there again. They really make my day, and I can’t wait to slather my lips in a new balm flavor.






Something Good


I’ve had a lot of something bads happen to people I love in the last few months, I try not to be woe is me, and only post good positive things…oh..and reviews….and tutorials…and….yea.


Anywho, among all the bad, a few really great things have happened. One being, my faith in humanity has, for the most part, been restored. Over the past month I’ve seen such an out pouring of kindness, not only from friends and associates, but also complete strangers that are willing to help me.

I posted not so long ago about the staff at the Giant Eagle Pharmacy at their Southland Location.

What they did for me was amazing, and in turn I spent 5 minutes to call and say thank you.

I had to drop off another prescript earlier this week. We got to talking, as they tried to run through discount codes for Jarod’s meds, and each failed. I thanked them anyways, and told them I was grateful for what help they could offer me, and explained about the call I had made because of their previous acts of kindness.

The Pharmacy Manager was in, and asked “You were the woman who called in?” And I nodded, and said thank you again. She went on to tell me how much my 5 minutes had meant to them, and that they were so grateful. They were even getting a pizza party because of me. I told her that it was no problem, and I was happy to pay their kindness forward.

They were surprised with how much I had going on in my life, that I would take the time to say something nice, to say thank you. When I went to leave, the cashier stopped me and asked for my Giant Eagle card. She swiped it through and handed it back along with a 20 dollar gift card, as a thank you from the Pharmacy. I cried right there, and hugged her.

I’ll of course be going back there again and again. They really have such kind and wonderful people working there. I don’t care what the bitter elderly people who keep calling in complaints say. They’re doing their jobs, and going the extra mile. I don’t care if I have to wait in line 20 minutes, if I know I’m going to get quality service from people who are double checking their work, and making sure the customers know everything they need to.

After I was finished, I remembered I had to pick up lip balm for Jarod, and the Manager came out and helped me find the right one, she even helped me with an over-the-counter solution to his oral numbing med I couldn’t afford to buy. (By solution, I mean fixing of the problem. It involved mixing 3 different over the counter products to get the same result at a fraction of the cost!)

I love them. They’ve really helped me through some hard times.

Sally Hansen Gem Crush Review/Haul


You know, I just totally realized with all these hauls I’m doing people are going to think I’ve money to waste.

I don’t. My mother keeps buying me stuff. lol

She was in CVS, saw this collection and decided to buy the entire 8 color collection for me…which she didn’t have to do, and I told her thus. But since I’ve an entire collection, and that’s a super rare thing for me, I get to do a review on an entire collection!

Here’s the entire collection, all lined up!! OoOOOoOo the sparkles….

As a whole, I like this collection very much. SH did a great job.

All swatches are 2 coats of color, and that does just fine and gives a complete opaque cover.


The blue soooo pretty but very hard to photograph on a swatch.

04 Bling-Tastic. The base of the polish seems to be a very very clear pale blue. Glitter is small blue particles that reflect a lighter blue with chunky silver glitter.

Magenta- 07 Lady Luck. This was the first one my mother tried out, and she’s so happy with it, it was kinda funny. It looks awesome over a base color, but can easily stand on it’s own with 2 coats.  Small magenta glitter with larger iridescent  pieces. Clear Base

Violet- 05 Be-Jeweled. Violet small glitter makes up the majority of this polish. It’s mixed with larger flakes that are a hair darker in color, and very tiny tiny iridescent pieces that are few and far between. I think this is my least favorite one. I’m not big on violets to start with, and there really isn’t much going on here except a lot of the same color.

Red- 02 Cha-Ching. I’m not a HUGE fan of red for my nails (tho I do look awesome in the color), but I LOVE this one! I think it’s going to be my X-Mas shade!! The base is clear, with red glitter (dur) and big chunky silver glitter pieces mixed in. The swatch doesn’t do it justice, and I couldn’t zoom in any closer with out making the image blur. (Or blur even more?)  This one is really super awesome. And is in my top 3 picks for this collection.

Pink- 06- Razzle Dazzler. And I’ve that song Razzle Dazzle from Chicago stuck in my head now…thanks Sally Hansen! Anywho…Like the red but in pink. Pink glitter with a clear base and larger silver chunks. The chunks just don’t do it for me this time though. This is ALMOST a dupe for a color by Milani that I already own (89 Disco Lights), except with the addition of silver glitter…which is almost not-noticeable. In fact, when I hold my nail wheel up and away, I can’t even tell them apart.

Lighting is a bit strange on this one…With the flash was too much, no flash was too little. I ended up covering half the flash with my finger….maybe I need a higher tech camera?

Gold color! 03 Big Money. Clear base with gold glitter. The larger flecks reflect lavender when the light hits them. It’s a pretty unique gold glitter polish. Good for SH for not going with the norm and putting silver in. I really like the lavender accents here.


Ok, down to the last 2.

Dark Silver- 08 Glitz Gal. Clear base with a dark silver glitter. Larger specks are iridescent reflecting mostly green, blue, and red. It’s plenty opaque, I’ve really no intense feelings on this one. I thought I would like it more when it was swatched, but I  really didn’t.

And last….

This photo I had to take like 10 times…but I really wanted a good picture of this.

01- Showgirl Chic! LOVE this polish! It’s still hard to see in the picture, but this color is silver glitter mixed with blue glitter. It’s very reflective, and looks awesome when dry. This is easily my number ONE pick for the entire collection!!


So to wrap things up…My top three picks are…

1. 01- Showgirl Chic

2.  02- Cha-Ching!

3. 04- Bling-tastic






Qaina Circus Banner Contest! Who wants to be immortalized?

THREE lucky winners will get their very own very personalized Circus Banner! Each Banner is 2.5ft wide by 5ft tall! YES! FIVE FEET TALL! Banners are made out of canvas, and each are hand made by Nadeau and Lena!

Your Banner will be part of the decor of Qaina, and at the end of the day you will get to take yourself home!

Cost: 2 dollars per raffle ticket.
You can purchase as many tickets as you want, but you can only win once.
All proceeds go to the Dove Self Esteem Fund!

Time: Raffle will start at NOON 12/1/11 and run until NOON 2/1/12.
Any payments received after noon 2/1 will be returned to sender.

The winners will be drawn at random on 2/1/12, and will be revealed at Qaina when you walk in and see your lovely self hanging up among the staff!

1. Payment can be sent via paypal to the following address:

NON-Paypal payments ARE accepted. Please contact Nadeau to make arrangements.

2. Payment must include the following info:
-Real Name
-Dance Name if any (This is what will appear on the banner)
-Number of Tickets Purchased
-Make a note of any of the following with the payment:
1. Already friends with Nadeau Caron on Facebook,
2. That your Facebook Setting is set to public and note your Facebook Name (This means anyone can view photos with out friending you)
3. Include 2 links to pictures of yourself (face must be shown),
4. Personal Website address.

If you DO NOT provide a way for us to view a photo of you, a banner CAN NOT be made. We need a photo reference for you! Also, if the photo you provide is not of you in dance attire, attire will be created for you at the artist’s discretion. When providing a source with multiple images, it will be up to the artist to choose a
costume from the images, please do not make requests.

3. You MUST be attend Qaina VI

4. Any questions please contact Nadeau Caron via facebook or email (

Lets raise some money for the Dove Self Esteem Fund!!! Good Luck Everyone!!