Qaina Circus Banner Contest! Who wants to be immortalized?

THREE lucky winners will get their very own very personalized Circus Banner! Each Banner is 2.5ft wide by 5ft tall! YES! FIVE FEET TALL! Banners are made out of canvas, and each are hand made by Nadeau and Lena!

Your Banner will be part of the decor of Qaina, and at the end of the day you will get to take yourself home!

Cost: 2 dollars per raffle ticket.
You can purchase as many tickets as you want, but you can only win once.
All proceeds go to the Dove Self Esteem Fund!

Time: Raffle will start at NOON 12/1/11 and run until NOON 2/1/12.
Any payments received after noon 2/1 will be returned to sender.

The winners will be drawn at random on 2/1/12, and will be revealed at Qaina when you walk in and see your lovely self hanging up among the staff!

1. Payment can be sent via paypal to the following address:

NON-Paypal payments ARE accepted. Please contact Nadeau to make arrangements.

2. Payment must include the following info:
-Real Name
-Dance Name if any (This is what will appear on the banner)
-Number of Tickets Purchased
-Make a note of any of the following with the payment:
1. Already friends with Nadeau Caron on Facebook,
2. That your Facebook Setting is set to public and note your Facebook Name (This means anyone can view photos with out friending you)
3. Include 2 links to pictures of yourself (face must be shown),
4. Personal Website address.

If you DO NOT provide a way for us to view a photo of you, a banner CAN NOT be made. We need a photo reference for you! Also, if the photo you provide is not of you in dance attire, attire will be created for you at the artist’s discretion. When providing a source with multiple images, it will be up to the artist to choose a
costume from the images, please do not make requests.

3. You MUST be attend Qaina VI

4. Any questions please contact Nadeau Caron via facebook or email (

Lets raise some money for the Dove Self Esteem Fund!!! Good Luck Everyone!!


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