Sally Hansen Gem Crush Review/Haul


You know, I just totally realized with all these hauls I’m doing people are going to think I’ve money to waste.

I don’t. My mother keeps buying me stuff. lol

She was in CVS, saw this collection and decided to buy the entire 8 color collection for me…which she didn’t have to do, and I told her thus. But since I’ve an entire collection, and that’s a super rare thing for me, I get to do a review on an entire collection!

Here’s the entire collection, all lined up!! OoOOOoOo the sparkles….

As a whole, I like this collection very much. SH did a great job.

All swatches are 2 coats of color, and that does just fine and gives a complete opaque cover.


The blue soooo pretty but very hard to photograph on a swatch.

04 Bling-Tastic. The base of the polish seems to be a very very clear pale blue. Glitter is small blue particles that reflect a lighter blue with chunky silver glitter.

Magenta- 07 Lady Luck. This was the first one my mother tried out, and she’s so happy with it, it was kinda funny. It looks awesome over a base color, but can easily stand on it’s own with 2 coats.  Small magenta glitter with larger iridescent  pieces. Clear Base

Violet- 05 Be-Jeweled. Violet small glitter makes up the majority of this polish. It’s mixed with larger flakes that are a hair darker in color, and very tiny tiny iridescent pieces that are few and far between. I think this is my least favorite one. I’m not big on violets to start with, and there really isn’t much going on here except a lot of the same color.

Red- 02 Cha-Ching. I’m not a HUGE fan of red for my nails (tho I do look awesome in the color), but I LOVE this one! I think it’s going to be my X-Mas shade!! The base is clear, with red glitter (dur) and big chunky silver glitter pieces mixed in. The swatch doesn’t do it justice, and I couldn’t zoom in any closer with out making the image blur. (Or blur even more?)  This one is really super awesome. And is in my top 3 picks for this collection.

Pink- 06- Razzle Dazzler. And I’ve that song Razzle Dazzle from Chicago stuck in my head now…thanks Sally Hansen! Anywho…Like the red but in pink. Pink glitter with a clear base and larger silver chunks. The chunks just don’t do it for me this time though. This is ALMOST a dupe for a color by Milani that I already own (89 Disco Lights), except with the addition of silver glitter…which is almost not-noticeable. In fact, when I hold my nail wheel up and away, I can’t even tell them apart.

Lighting is a bit strange on this one…With the flash was too much, no flash was too little. I ended up covering half the flash with my finger….maybe I need a higher tech camera?

Gold color! 03 Big Money. Clear base with gold glitter. The larger flecks reflect lavender when the light hits them. It’s a pretty unique gold glitter polish. Good for SH for not going with the norm and putting silver in. I really like the lavender accents here.


Ok, down to the last 2.

Dark Silver- 08 Glitz Gal. Clear base with a dark silver glitter. Larger specks are iridescent reflecting mostly green, blue, and red. It’s plenty opaque, I’ve really no intense feelings on this one. I thought I would like it more when it was swatched, but I  really didn’t.

And last….

This photo I had to take like 10 times…but I really wanted a good picture of this.

01- Showgirl Chic! LOVE this polish! It’s still hard to see in the picture, but this color is silver glitter mixed with blue glitter. It’s very reflective, and looks awesome when dry. This is easily my number ONE pick for the entire collection!!


So to wrap things up…My top three picks are…

1. 01- Showgirl Chic

2.  02- Cha-Ching!

3. 04- Bling-tastic





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