Something Good


I’ve had a lot of something bads happen to people I love in the last few months, I try not to be woe is me, and only post good positive things…oh..and reviews….and tutorials…and….yea.


Anywho, among all the bad, a few really great things have happened. One being, my faith in humanity has, for the most part, been restored. Over the past month I’ve seen such an out pouring of kindness, not only from friends and associates, but also complete strangers that are willing to help me.

I posted not so long ago about the staff at the Giant Eagle Pharmacy at their Southland Location.

What they did for me was amazing, and in turn I spent 5 minutes to call and say thank you.

I had to drop off another prescript earlier this week. We got to talking, as they tried to run through discount codes for Jarod’s meds, and each failed. I thanked them anyways, and told them I was grateful for what help they could offer me, and explained about the call I had made because of their previous acts of kindness.

The Pharmacy Manager was in, and asked “You were the woman who called in?” And I nodded, and said thank you again. She went on to tell me how much my 5 minutes had meant to them, and that they were so grateful. They were even getting a pizza party because of me. I told her that it was no problem, and I was happy to pay their kindness forward.

They were surprised with how much I had going on in my life, that I would take the time to say something nice, to say thank you. When I went to leave, the cashier stopped me and asked for my Giant Eagle card. She swiped it through and handed it back along with a 20 dollar gift card, as a thank you from the Pharmacy. I cried right there, and hugged her.

I’ll of course be going back there again and again. They really have such kind and wonderful people working there. I don’t care what the bitter elderly people who keep calling in complaints say. They’re doing their jobs, and going the extra mile. I don’t care if I have to wait in line 20 minutes, if I know I’m going to get quality service from people who are double checking their work, and making sure the customers know everything they need to.

After I was finished, I remembered I had to pick up lip balm for Jarod, and the Manager came out and helped me find the right one, she even helped me with an over-the-counter solution to his oral numbing med I couldn’t afford to buy. (By solution, I mean fixing of the problem. It involved mixing 3 different over the counter products to get the same result at a fraction of the cost!)

I love them. They’ve really helped me through some hard times.


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