Mystique Products 10% Off!!


(Their website is currently down. ;_; Here’s the addy anyways. )

*All photos are property of the etsy site and do not belong to me unless stated otherwise.


I have a weakness in life. Natural and Hand Made Soaps.

Last year, I started watching Youtube, and many of my favorite beauty bloggers all recomneded using shampoo bars, so much so I wanted to try one for myself. I was just making plans to drive out to our local Lush when Qaina rolled around, and one of the vendors was selling Mystique Products. As I dated by her table, I noticed she had Shampoo Bars!

So this saved me from hauling myself across town, and dishing out even more money on a product I might not even like. Now, at the time, I thought 6 bucks for a bar of anything soap like was rediculas. That was then, this is now.

Over the past year, I’ve learned you pay a little more for quality. And in all honesty, Mystique Products has some of the best prices out there for shampoo bars and natural soaps. I did quite a bit of shopping around on etsy, and I compared prices per amount. Defiantly a great deal!

Right now, their etsy site is offering a 10% off code on all purchases made before the new year!! I just placed a new order today, and I can’t wait to get it and give a review! I was very torn between waiting until I got the new stuff, or going ahead and posting this so you all can know what an awesome company this is, AND take advantage of the sale…Sale won out.

So here’s what I -have- tried.

Shampoo Bars:

Lotus and Ylang Ylang Natural Shampoo Bar

This was my very first shampoo bar ever, and my very first Mystique Prodcut! I LOVE THIS SHAMPOO BAR!! When I first used it, it left my hair squeeky clean…litterly. All night I kept waking up and thinking my hair was still oily, when it really just hadn’t dried. Once I was awake and moving around, my hair dried and was BEAUTIFUL. I have long naturally wavy hair that usually needs a heavy conditioner, but this was just perfect.

All Natural Shampoo Bar for Oily and Extra Clean Hair

This was my second shampoo bar. Still a great product, but for my own personal hair I liked the Lotus and Ylang Ylang better.

Plain and Simple Shampoo Bar: no scent, no herbs

I bought this bar for my hubby to try. He had started to go bald, and needed a gentle soap that would help tame his massive snarls and tangles in his long thick curly/wavy hair. This did the trick! He was surprised at how well it worked to keep out the tangles. Now that he’s bald, he uses it on his scalp and just adores it.


Dark Chocolate Natural Vegan Soap

Smells clean, with a hint of chocolate. The chocolate scent sort of reminds me of stale chocolate, the sort that turns pale and crumbles….But that’s not a bad thing! It’s not an over-powering scent at all, and is very relaxing.

Cinnamon Chocolate Soap

Love, love, love this one! And it’s funny, because I thought I was going to hate it at first!! It’s a wonderful spiced chocolate, that reminds me of Mexican Drinking Chocolate. I wish I could lick it off my body when I use it. It leaves your skin feeling clean and smooth. Wish I could get more of this, but etsy doesn’t have it listed. ;_;

Gentle Oatmeal Natural Vegan Soap

I smell a very light oatmeal scent. Plain oatmeal, uncooked at that. It’s like sticking your nose into a Quaker Oat Meal canister and taking a big sniff.

Spring All Natural Vegan Soap

This soap reminds me of a forest during the early spring, that scent when the snow is starting to melt, and everything is cool and wet. Sort of a moss like aroma to it, with a very faint flower undertone you really have to strain to smell as well as a “soapy” smell. It’s a delicate fragrence that is both simple and complex all at the same time.

I just placed an order for the following:

Rosemary and Sage Shampoo Bar for Dark Hair, Charcoal for Joints and Muscles Vegan Soap, Bouncing Beer All Natural Shampoo Bar, and Fire Elemental Soap.

I cant wait to try these! Super excited!!


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  1. Have you tried going to Daybreak Lavender Farm in Strongsville? Their entire stash is natural soaps. I have their jasmine soap and it’s awesome. Keeps my skin soft and moisturized for about 24 hours. They have stuff for face too, as well as a lot of lavender products, like tea cookie mixes, truffle recipes, and teas. As far as I know though, they don’t have bar shampoos.

    • I’ll be checking them out for sure. I love all natural products, and natural soaps are a serious weakness of mine…Just need a new place to buy shampoo bars besides Lush if Mystique Products isn’t selling anymore….I do know where I can go to get their formula, but I won’t for several reasons.

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