Costume No-Nos Updates


I angered someone, and I am sorry.

I’d just like to post a little something.

At one point in time, I was guilty of every single offence I mentioned except one…mostly because I was a dumb baby-dancer. I’ll leave it at that.

I’d like to point out, the reason I’ve used pictures of people I thought I didn’t know was because I have found when trying to explain something in words alone, the idea doesn’t get through 90% of the time.

I’ll use an unrelated (mostly) example.

When the Shuvani Jezebels were still a larger troupe, we often had mixed ideas about what “tribal” was. We would say “Lets dress tribal for this gig”. Half of us would show up in modern tribal, while the other half would show up in period tribal. No one took the time to sit down and explain clearly what tribal was, or show pictures.

After this happened again and again, I sat down and drew out costume sketches with descriptions about exactly what each style was to us. Since doing that and giving everyone a visual, it’s never happened again

I find pictures work MUCH better then words alone.

So that being said, if you did happen to find yourself in a picture, I’m sorry. Where as I was looking though FB pictures, I didn’t us the picture I found on FB in my blog. Rather I did an image search on several engines and dug through many photos to find what I was looking for as examples. I wanted to use people I didn’t know, and that being said, I even made the effort to edit every picture so faces and any distinguishable traits were edited out.

Ok. So all that being said. I’ve a rare treat…I’ve dispised this picture since the moment it was posted, and it’s the reason I’ve always tried very hard to be on the up-and-up when it comes to costumes.

Here’s me at my very first Pennsic War, just after the Dance Expo. I am breaking almost every rule.

First off…My hair. Uch. I had pretty much gotten married two days before this, and all the curl from my spiraled hair was still in place. I thought it’d look cute all wild with the fake crappy dreads peeking out from it…so not. I even had a pink umbrella in my hair from the party the night before…Hm. Nothing says “classy lady” like a cocktail umbrella in the hair! My hair jewelry is cheap and clashed. I later took it apart and it made a much more lovely bra.

I’m not wearing make-up. Not a lick of it…ok. I was. I was wearing some very bad eyeliner, of which you can’t see.

My top. You can’t see any of my stomach movements because of the thick ill fitting “bib” of the choli. My skirt I still use today, it’s a simple black circle skirt, but the panel skirt over it didn’t fit well. and didn’t stay on well either. The ties at the sides were bulky and a hassle.

I’m glad I’ve learned from this, and from the guidance of others along the way. Some things people have said in passing conversation stung, even if they had no idea I had worn something like that at one point in time….Like I recall a conversation Jezebel and Celeste had about using brocade fabric in a costume….oh look. Green and gold brocade…

So in closing, we all make mistakes. And I’m sorry if anyone was offended, that wasn’t my intention.

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  1. Really? I don’t remember discussing brocade, but I have a horrible memory. I do remember discussing the need for stage makeup with your troupe and commenting on how unfortunate the “Amish” belly dancer look was. I even recall taking the makeup brushes away from one of your troupe members and doing her makeup myself at Qaina one year. Her makeup looked perfectly lovely for a dinner out but virtually disappeared on stage. Why am I so pushy? LOL.

    • This was a conversation you and Jez had in passing when the SJ’s weren’t around. I think Jez was talking about a costume she had worn at some point in time that had been made from curtain-like fabric. lol It always stuck with me!

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