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90% Drug Store Review/Haul


So here’s a little review of a few products I’ve been wanting to try and that have been gifted to me….



First up is a little gift my Mommy bought me when I was having all those horrible issues looking for a car….


This is the Serena GlamSlam OPI duo.

Colors are Really Pretty Pink and Red Shatter.

Unfortunatly, I already own a Red OPI Shatter, so it may go into a give away or something fun like that.

So when I first saw the Really Pretty Pink color, I wasn’t too impressed, as I don’t care for pinks…but when I wore it…Oh my! I think this is going to be one of my go-to colors!! If you layer it over a yellow/gold color, you get more of a gold shimmer and less pink.

It’s a pale pink jelly like base with a TON of fine gold glitter.

I just love this color, it’s really sort of a pinky-taupe-gold color. I’m sure if you layer it over other colors, it’ll pick up more of the base and show truer to the base and not the glitter.


On the Left is Essie’s Luxeffects in Shine of the Times.

On the Right is Hard Candy’s Matte-ly In Love Matte Top Coat.

Luxeffects is a dupe of the Finger Paints Special Effects Flaky Paints. I had gone into Sally’s today in search of any of the Flakies, and of course they were beyond sold out. I found a dupe at Wal-Mart in Essie. And I love love LOVE it! It makes such a pretty rainbow when the light hits it, and reminds me of the mica Gina put in my shellack manicure back in July.

Matte-ly In Love does exactly what it is supposed to. It makes any glossy polish matte! At first I wasn’t sure it was actually working, it did take a few minutes for the full effect to appear, and I did try it over a -very- glossy black polish. I’m very happy with the results.

Luxeffects on the left, Matte-ly In Love on the right.

I’m also wearing Luxeffects on my yellow polish, but it’s extreamly hard to see on lighter colors. I cant wait to get a chance to use the matte.

Lastyly, I piced up a product all of youtube seemed to be a buzz about…

This is the Maybaleen Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk.

Swatched with no base.


So, unfortunatly, swatched it doesn’t seem nearly as “Pomagranatey” as it’s names claims. It comes out more of a rusty brown then anything. It’s texture is smooth, and creamy. The product claims 24 hour wear, and I plan to test it tomorrow.

I bought this to use at Qaina (since my color in our choreo is burgundy/red) and I’m thinking maybe this would be best as a base rather then a stand alone shadow. I have seen tutorials that use them as both. Hmm. Can’t wait to play around with this baby! I’ve seen so many reviews I’m very excited!!