CT, Polish, and Baby Lips Review


Color Tattoo by Maybelline.

So I got a chance to try this on Sunday…and I must say I’m both impressed and disappointed.

Basically, I feel like these are dupes for Mac’s Paint Pots….which is FANTASTIC, but at the same time I don’t feel like these can stand alone. They really don’t have the pigment punch the ads say they do.

I sat down and compared the texture with my Mac Paint Pot, and it’s like dead on. So, that being said, I used this as a base under my makeup, and it worked amazingly well.

It does have the long lasting ability the package says it does. I applied my makeup at around 11am, and when I returned home at 9pm it was still in place, and that was after teaching a crazy choreo class and a  fundamentals class. I was very impressed.

For anyone who needs a good base for long lasting wear to make colors pop, these just rock. I seriously suggest picking up some in colors you wear often, you won’t regret it. Worth the 7 bucks.

I’ve been wanting to try the new Maybelline Baby Lips for some time now, but I hadn’t been able to find this color until today.

I got the color/flavor in 05 Quenched.

There’s no pigment to this one, it’s clear. The flavor is very mild, almost a floral like flavor rather then a fruity one. It’s rather odd…it sort of tasted like…well…make up…but not in a bad way.

it smells exactly the same. Sort of a fresh gummy bear scent besides the floral.

I like the way it feels too. As I’ve stated in past blogs, I don’t like how most products feel on my lips, but this leaves it smooth with out being too heavy at all. I’m very pleased, and I like this a lot! It’ll be good to have around as a back up for when I run out of my Bee Folks balm.

So besides all that…It also boasts SPF 20, and after 4 weeks of use my lips should be softer, visibly less dry, more supple, and all around better looking. Huzzah!

Lastly while I was in CVS today, I checked out their nail polishes. I’ve never tried their store brand Spoiled (By Wet n Wild) before, and for 2 bucks a bottle I figured why not?

I’m not 100% on weather this is their store brand, or a new line out by Wet n Wild. I’ve never seen this line anywhere else before, and there’s a ton of colors, so I’m making the store-brand assumption.

It’s insane how the left one glows in a flash…lol

From L to R…

S038 Did I Dye It Too Blonde? S048 Pet my Peacock, and S044 Distant Memory

So, Did I Dye it Too Blonde is insanely neon yellow. I like it. I’ve been wanting a crazy neon yellow for awhile…what I -really- like about this is that it’s thick and highly pigmented, and one or two coats will do just fine.

Pet my Peacock is like Mardi Gras in a bottle. A Blue, Purple, Green, and Silver glitter in a clear base. I thought I’d like this a lot more then I did. I’m a little disappointed, and I think to get the full punch it’s going to need quite a few coats.

And lastly, Distant Memory is a neon-teal color, which I also just adore. A good thick polish, it’s just lovely.

I really cant wait to get the neon yellow under the matte polish from Hard Candy.

So that’s it for now, still working on Part 2 for the Being a Goddess post. Still compiling things and ideas and info and other stuff.


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  1. I also have the Baby Lips in quenched. I use it at night before I go to bed and my lips are still soft in the morning. I also have it in Peachy which is a nice peach flavor and sheer peachy tint- not too overwhelming and I like the way it looks with my natural lip color. I do have to reapply it often during the day though.

    • Oh, also, with the yellow and teal nail polishes, be careful that they don’t make your nails yellow when you take it off. I have a kelly green China Glaze polish that turns my nails yellow even with a base coat on!

      • Base coats are a fantastic thing. My nails used to be icky yellow, and I started using the China Glaze base coat and they were yellow no more. I’m currently using Seche Vite, but I honestly think I liked the CG base better…I just had horrible luck with the bottles for some reason. I broke 2 bottles in 2 months, both were brand new. So I changed brands. lol

    • Ive noticed that too with the re-applying during the day. at night not so much.
      I won’t be trying Peachy. Im not a fan of peach flavors, but it’s good to know that the brand seems to be a win over all.

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