!! BH Cosmetics Review and HUGE Sale!!


EEEE!!! I am SOOOO excited about this review!!

I have been lusting after the 120 pallet for at least 2 years now.

I know many beauty bloggers who own this pallet under one name or another…BH Cosmetics, Costal Sense, Mac120…although be warned. Mac does NOT make a 120 pallet for general sale, and any auction offering one is a knock off (If it’s from China, it’s most def a knock off!)*.

*A little side note. I called Mac awhile ago, both of the stores local to me (Southland Mall, Macy’s and Crocker Park in Westlake). I got mixed answers. The first place said that Mac doesn’t make the 120 pallet at all, and the ones on ebay are fakes. The second said that Mac may make a 120 pallet, but it’s only available from their pro shops if they do. Also, Mac eyeshadow is not cheap, and a 120 pallet from Mac would run upwards of 1400 dollars when you consider 1 pan of Mac shadow is 12 dollars. A custom 15 color pallet is 188.50. So yea, if it looks too damn good to be true, odds are it is.

So anywho, I’ve been lusting after this pallet for some time, and I’ve been afraid to order one off ebay. I had seen many people unhappy with their orders, mostly because the color pay off was poor, or the shadows crushed in shipping.

A few months ago I found a make up company called BH cosmetics.  http://www.bhcosmetics.com

They were recommended by a beauty vlogger I follow, and I decided to check them out. She seemed very happy with her purchase, and the price on the site was decent. Also, when I ordered they were giving away free black gel eyeliner, so I decided to place my order and try the free product! I like free!! I also ordered a red (Yes RED!) gel eyeliner!

It took about a week to get to me, and the box was stuffed with paper and paper honey-comb. Everything arrived almost completely intact…I was a little miffed. When I opened my pallet, one of the yellow eye shadows popped out of it. It’s completely fine, just seems like the glue gave on it, which could have been because of the cold? I dunno, it’s really not a huge deal, I plan to just glue it back in.

Here it is! The BH Cosmetics Pallet First Edition.

I chose the first edition over the others because it had mostly matte shadows with a few shimmers…I also chose it because it had 3 different Reds. And real RED eyeshadow is like impossible to find. (Mauve, Burgundy, Blush, no RED!)

There are three other 120 pallets available currently, but this is by far my favorite. Not only does it have the bold red, but the color gradient is more uniform. The other pallets seem sort of random to me.

Here are some of the basic colors, no base. To do these swatches, I pressed my finger onto the shadow, then smeared it across my hand. There was NO RUBBING to pick up the pigments. Yellow, Orange, Lavender, Red, Blue, Teal. The color pay off impressed me with such little effort involved. I can’t wait to actually try these with a proper base!!

This is the color pay off just pressing my fingers gently onto the shadows. Very impressive!!

Over all, I’m extremely pleased with this pallet!! It’ll help cut down on the clutter when I travel to gigs, and when I do other people’s makeup.

Also in my order…

Here are the two gel eyeliners. Burn (red) and Onyx(black).

Onyx was my free with order gift.

Swatches of both, no flash. Every time I used a flash the glare was too much. Unfortunately, Burn looks more orange in this picture. It’s RED. RED RED. But the pigment and the spreading ability of these liners is wonderful. I did however notice they can be a little on the waxy side, so keep that in mind. I don’t consider that a bad thing with my oily eyelid issue.

The site claims they can double as an eyeshadow, which I can see…but I would use them as a color base if anything, like the Maybaleen Color Tattoo or Mac Paint Pots.

I really REALLY like these, and can’t wait to use the red one at Qaina!

I do plan to place an order from them again in the near future. I’ve got my eye on the blush and contour pallet, their lip glosses, as well as some of their brushes!

I like this company, ordering was smooth and easy. If you’re new to make up or just don’t have much and want to expand your collection these 120 pallets are well worth the investment. They also offer 88 pallets of the 120 is a little too much for you!

So for everyone who’s stuck through this blog…here’s a little something awesome!

If you’ve decided you want a pallet…or two…now would be the time to get it! As a thank you to their fans for 400,000 likes on Facebook, BH Cosmetics is offering an AMAZING deal! You can get their 88 Matte Tropical Pallet, 88 Cool Matte Pallet, and their Liquid Eye Liner for 20 dollars!! 176 eye shadows AND a liquid liner!! Holy!! I’m sort of sad I didn’t wait another week!!  http://www.bhcosmetics.com/deal-for-day/


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