Awesome Weekend-Full of Reviews!!


I had a pretty great weekend…and I needed one. It was one of those weekends that was all about me…mostly. I got so much running around done!!

My first two stops of the day were dull. I got my E-Check (emissions check for those of you not from our area, means you get your car checked for harmful to the environment emissions.) and I got my plates for my new van. I intended to get NADEAU as my plates, but then if discovered that because my birthday is at the end of May, I’m going to have to pay for new tags again in a little over 2 months. If I got custom plates now, that’d be 88 dollars now, then another 88 in May….yea I can wait 2 months thanks!

Next I stopped at CVS. I needed a pen to sign a pick up slip for the post office, and one of my students (Hilary) had told me that CVS is carrying the magnetic nail polish for like 6.50…Well…not the CVS near me, they hadn’t gotten them in yet. I did however pick up that pen…and the new Physicians Formula PH Matchmaker!

I was so excited to try this, I couldn’t wait! So I took a few pictures in the car of it and then popped it open and tried it on!



Here’s the package. It says that it uses your body’s temp and the light around you to match your lips and create the perfect color for your complexion. Nifty!


It has a mirror!

So yes, it has a mirror on the side…which is pretty awesome. It ALSO has a little button on the top of the applicator, that when pushed lights up! How awesome for quick applications in dark cars, clubs, restaurants, any place with bad lighting! I approve!

I was a little worried about this product to tell you the truth. Any time I’ve used a product that claims to work with your body’s PH (like the “mood” lipstick circa 1990 and making a reappearance.) it would turn out this hideous neon pink color. Not this!! I was very impressed with the gentle pink-mauve color that came out. (You can see it in the mirror!)

The two things I did notice with this… 1. It’s a very sticky gloss. VERY sticky. My hair kept getting stuck to my lips. I’d avoid wearing this during windy days. 2. It can become a little grainy, but when you smoosh your lips around to re-spread the gloss it goes away.

So that being done with…I went to the post office and bank. Then to McDonald’s and got a caramel frappe…and brain freeze. It was WORTH it.

Returned a pair of boots…and then headed off to get my hair done.

Awesome new hair

Awesome new hair...yes there's aqua in it.

I love Studio Sonata at Parmatown Mall. I really can’t tell you enough how great they are.

I walked in, and with no appointment was seen with in 10 minutes! They were super busy too, so I was really surprised I wasn’t asked to come back an hour later! Yay!

Every time I go there, I’ve had a different stylist, and every time they are capable and do exactly as I asked. My hair is naturally wavy with some random curls in it, it can be hard to style properly, and harder to get the length I want. I’ve never had them cut it too short, ever. They’re so professional and wonderful, and they also have a referral program. If you bring a friend in, you get money off of your style. (Last time I got 10 dollars off!)

So while I was checking out, I noticed they had some China Glaze and OPI polishes on sale!! 50% off!! I was quite torn…they had Icka-body from China Glaze’s Halloween collection, and Warm-n-Fazzy from the OPI Muppets collection. Oh what to do, they’re very close in color and glitter…I picked Warm-n-Fazzy.

Warm-n-Fazzy OPI and Cotton Candy Scent Claires.

Warm-n-Fazzy OPI and Cotton Candy Scent Claires.

After I was done at the Salon, I decided to go to Claire’s and I was about to get my ears pierced but chickened out. I’m lame. But I did find some of the Cotton Candy Scented Polish!! It was teal…and 2.50. I bought it! It really does smell like cotton candy when it’s completely dry! The down side (Maybe?) Is the little scent grains come to the surface when it’s dried, and creates a rough texture to the nail. You can actually see them, they’re a strange beige color. I haven’t decided if I like the effect or not. Textured nails seem to be very on-trend right now after all.

Also at Claire’s…I found those Magnetic Nail Polishes!!!!

Magnetic Polishes

Magnetix by Claire's

I bought four colors (One not shown). Green, Gold, Silver, and Burgundy. The Burgundy one is with my mother, so I don’t have the bottle picture. Rest assured, the bottle is the same as these three. I think I’ll do a full review on these apart from this blog keep an eye out for that!

Next…I went and for the very first time got my eyebrows threaded.

I went to Beautiful Brows, right next to Claire’s. For 10 dollars I got my brows threaded. It was quick, and only slightly-toe-twitching-painful. I think I was in the chair under 1 minute.

I’ve got mixed feelings about this place. It was completely empty when I walked in, and the girl behind the counter seemed like she didn’t want to be bothered with me. I was really nice to her too, and even complimented her job, my brows really did look nice…well…pretty nice…I noticed after I got into better light and a closer mirror that while they were very nicely shaped, she hadn’t gotten all the brow hair. I still had a few rogue brow hairs which I took care of myself.

My brows were only red for a few minutes, but they did bleed a little more then when I tweeze.

I did a few more uninteresting things at the mall and Wal-Mart, got myself an extra key to my van made, then had lunch at the Chinese buffet and finished choreographing my student’s Qaina piece (Which btw is AMAZING.)

After that, I picked up lunch for my hubs, and headed over to the Whitey’s Arm and Navy shop to get myself a new messenger bag. I now own a Paratrooper bag, which I love more then my girly purses. I think I’m going to single handedly try and bring the military look back into style. My old purse just wasn’t doing it for me, it didn’t have enough room and wasn’t working for everything else in life….and I don’t have a pic of this. Sad.

Got some bubble tea at Sweet Mango.

I LOVE this place!! Their bubble teas are SO good!! And their pad thai is to DIE for!!

So that was my Saturday. It was just so nice to run around for myself being girly and such. Happiness.


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