Claire’s Magnetix Nail Polish



So, when I first heard about the Magnetic nail polishes, it was through one of my favorite Youtubers about a month and a half ago.

Nails Inc. of London is the first brand I had heard of creating these effect polishes, and the only place you could get them was at Sephora for a whopping 16 dollars a bottle.

Hm. No.

I knew if I waited just a little while they’d be released with other brands, and of course, they were!

2 weeks ago my student (Hilary) showed me the polishes she had picked up at her local CVS, and that’s when I knew they were on the market. Thus my search for knock-off magnetic polish began!

Magnetic Polishes

Magnetic Polishes

It ended the same day at Claire’s, where I located 4 different colors! And yes, there are only three…the fourth burgundy polish went to my mother. So that left me with Teal/Green, Gold, and Silver. No names, no numbers. I’m told it also comes in Blue, but they were all out.

Apparently, there are different patters the little magnetic tops will give to your nails, however it seems the three I got are all lines…my mother’s is a wavy line, as you’ll see in the swatches.

Magnetic Polish

Magnetic Polish Green and Gold

Here it is…on my nails…Honestly? I don’t care for the gold much. I think the magnetic effect would have been much more intense if they didn’t add the glitter into the polish. It really takes away from the lines. I DO like the Green very much. Sorry, no swatch of the silver, but it looks exactly like the gold, except silver. The effect is the same.

Swatch of Burgundy Magnetix

Swatch of Burgundy Magnetix

And here’s a swatch of the burgundy.

The instructions say to hold the magnet over the nail for 10 seconds…it doesn’t do much to be honest, and the sales girl told me to hold it on for 20 to see any decent results. 20 seconds worked much better.

I have mixed feelings about this polish. It’s kinda fun, but it takes FOREVER to dry, and FOREVER to get the effects to come out correctly. You have to take your time, be very slow and VERY careful. I ended up holding the magnet and my nail up to my eye to be triple sure I wasn’t accidentally pressing the magnet to the nail. I had to re-do almost every nail on my right hand until I started eyeing it.

There’s a little lip on the magnet you use to balance on your finger just below your nail. I find if you bend your nail, and press the little lip firmly onto your finger, you’re less likely to hit the drying polish with the magnet…Yea I can’t hold the magnet and take a picture at the same time…just trust me when I say use a firm press over the lip part ONLY.

Also, I found if you leave the magnetic cap on the nail polish bottle rather then removing it, you’ll have more control over the magnet…of course this means you’re going to have to have 2 bottles of polish…unless you want to keep opening and closing the same bottle.

My mother says her polish started chipping the next day, and she wasn’t at all satisfied with it. She said it was hard to use (kinda true), and a bigger pain then it was worth.

If you are going to try out the Magnetic polishes, I highly suggest using a top coat and a base coat. I’ve had mine on about 6 days now, and my chipping is very minor with Seche Vete (top and base). Only the tips of my thumbs are showing any wear.

So in closing, they’re not -terrible-. They’re…okay. If you have the time to sit around and play with the magnet, then it’s worth it. Also, like I said the drying time on these is rather long, since you do have to really glop the polish on. The gold polish is pretty on it’s own, so it’s not a complete loss to me.

I think I’m going to try uses these over a base color, just to see what happens. Hmm.


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