Magnetix Polish- Pretty Woman LLC


Alright…this would be the brand my student Hilary tried out, and at last I was able to track down myself a couple bottles at my local Rite Aide.

I picked up a Blue and a Gold.

Magnetix Gold and Blue

Magnetix Gold and Blue

Alright, so above is what the package looks like. Cost was 6.99, so a little less then the Claire’s polish, and WAY less then Nails Inc.



So opening it up…you get the bottle of polish, and two magnets inlaid in little gummy-rubber thingies. One is a wavy pattern, and the other is strait lines.

Now…here’s the thing…I tried out the magnets it came with, and the rubber part makes it REALLY hard to judge how close it is to your nail. Also, the curved magnet ends up pulling up large amounts of the metal creating blob-by blurs at the sides of your nails. It’s not pretty. They’re really hard to control, and like I said, you can’t see how far away from the nail the magnet is, so you can’t tell if you’re getting a good line.

I ended up popping one of the magnets out of the rubber part, and trying it that way. I did get better results, but there was still that curved magnet issues, and I kept getting the same blobs more often then not.

Soooo…I decided to try using the Claire’s magnet, because when I did manage to get a strait line, the effect was AWESOME. Switching over to the Claire’s magnet was a great idea. It was able to give me the control I needed, and it’s little flat surface didn’t make the yucky blobs. So…the swatched pics used the Claire’s Magnets.

Magnetix Pretty Woman Swatches

Magnetix Pretty Woman Swatches

Here’s the swatches. The blue actually showed up after I used the Claire’s magnet. The Gold I just love. The metal comes through just great, and you can compare it to the Claire’s polish, which is just above it on my nail wheel. See the crazy huge difference?

Magnetix Pretty Woman Manicure

Magnetix Pretty Woman Manicure

I didn’t clean it up before the picture…oh well. I was so excited I didn’t smudge anything and that it all came out pretty I took the picture right away!

Aside from the magnet, the only other sort of ech thing is that the Blue polish REALLY stains your nails like I’ve never seen. Use a VERY GOOD base coat, and be warned, because it might stain through that too. So just a heads up.

So in closing. I like the Magnetix Pretty Woman formula a ton. I dislike their magnets a great deal. If you’re interested in this brand, I suggest either buying the  magnet from China Glaze (I’m sure a knock off is available somewhere by now), or popping the magnet out of the rubber thingy, and trimming it down….OR Go to Claire’s and buy the Green polish and use the magnet that it came with!!


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