Fab and Fail February



Getting this in JUST in time to still be February!!

Here’s my list of things I’m digging this month…

1. Spoiled by Wet n Wild’s Did I Dye It Too Blonde

Great Color. Great Wear. Amazing Deal for your dollar.

BH 120 Pallet First Edition

BH 120 Pallet First Edition

2. BH Cosmetic’s 120 Classic Pallet.

Great Color Pay off, Great deal!! Secure shipping!

3. Mystique Product’s Sage and Rosemary Bar Shampoo for Dark Hair.

Keeps hair healthy, no residue, all natural. I’m praying and praying they’re going to restock their etsy shop! If they don’t I’m not sure what I’m going to do! Maybe cry a little?

Turbie Twist!!!

Turbie Twist!!!

4. The Turbie Twist

Corny? Yes it is. But I love them. Great for after shower, or just to keep your hair up and off the back of your neck quickly and easily.

Magnetix Gold and Blue

Magnetix Gold and Blue

5. Magnetix by Pretty Woman LLC in Gold…love the polish, not the magnet. Use another brand’s magnet, or trim down the one that came with it.

My list of disses…

Lovely Brows

Beautiful Brows

1. Beautiful Brows, Parmatown Mall.

I was very torn on whether or not I liked this place. I’ve decided not. While the hair removal was very fast and only slightly painful, the customer service was seriously lacking, and she didn’t get all the hairs. Brow Threading is supposed to be known for complete hair removal, even those teeny tiny little baby hairs. It’s why it’s becoming so popular.

Now, that being said…I am willing to give this place a try again and maybe I will have better results with another worker. The one I encountered didn’t want to be bothered and was seriously annoyed at the idea of having ONE customer. Seriously, the place was dead and had been dead all afternoon.

Magnetic Polishes

Magnetic Polishes

2. Claire’s Magnetix Polish in Silver and Gold.

I like the green!

I was very unimpressed with the results after using the magnet…and I know it’s not the power of the magnet, it works just fine on other polishes!!

Illegal Length Mascara

Illegal Length Mascara

3. Maybelline’s Illegal Length Mascara

It flaked, it fell off, it made my head hurt, and my lashes were in no way running the risk of being arrested for too much length.


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