Uch…Hair Remover Fail + 20% Off Drugstore.com


I have a confession to make.

I’m a hairy bitch.

No really! When I got off the pill about 10 years ago, my body completely flipped out on me. I started growing hair in places I shouldn’t. After talking to a few people, I realized I am not alone in this problem. It’s quite common.

So since then, I’ve been on a never ending quest to find a good hair remover to actually get the job done. Now, I’ve since found a fantastic hair remover for the body…but for the face? I haven’t been so lucky.

I’ve pretty much tried everything, and have been met with failure each and every time. Facial hair is so very course, none of the creams made for women seem to do the job.

On to my most recent attempt at making my life easier…

Pure Scent-sation

Pure Scent-sation

I spent some time looking through different depilatorie creams before settling on this new release by Sally Hansen…”Pure Scent-sation hair remover”. Which claims it’s scentless…Woo! Scentless…well…it’s “Virtually Odor Free” according to the box.

I’ll admit, it stinks a lot less then most hair-remover creams. It smells faintly like Nair. The smell isn’t very strong at all, but it is still there. I actually think I like the scented hair better to be honest.

Anywho, so I open the box and…

Product Failure

Product Failure

Sad. Very. The pump was broken, and completely fell off the little tub of cream.

I wasn’t about to be discouraged, and I pried the top of the tub off…I hate returning things THAT much. It was actually pretty easy to do, and if after this review you decide to try this product, I suggest you do the same. You’ll be able to scoop out all the cream that way, and get more product for your dollar…and seriously? This is like 8 bucks to start with for once little ounce…so best get all you can out of it.

Having gotten the tub open, I followed the directions and even used the little spatula that came with it…and waited 3 minutes to test. Nothing. I wasn’t shocked, it almost always takes much longer then the suggested time to work.

Waited the full 8 minutes…


Well I shouldn’t say -nothing-. My skin did tingle, and it still does. (Not burning, tingling.) It does feel smooth, but the coarse hair is still there. The only hair it removed were the very fine hairs. Women plagued with facial hair aren’t really concerned about the baby-fine hair no one can see. So seriously? Fail.

I’m not impressed with this product, it’s pretty much like everything else I’ve ever tried.

So to recap.

1. Unless you have baby fine hair, avoid this.

2. Pop open the tub to use rather then using the pump to get the full product.

3. It smells a bit like Nair, only not so strongly.

4. 1oz of product for 8 dollars doesn’t seem worth it.

5. It does leave your skin smooth, if still hairy.

I’ll be returning this product, it’s not worth keeping since it’s broken AND doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.

Edit: I’d like to add…not even 24 hours later all those fine little hairs that it DID remove grew back. Grr.

I’m going to be trying Softsheen Carson’s Magic Razorless Hair Remover Cream as suggested by a student. After many failed attempts at tracking it down in local stores, I gave up and checked drugstore.com. Indeed I did find it! And lucky for me…Drugstore.com is having a 20% off promo sale!

Just enter BEAUTY20 at check out. Shipping is very reasonable, and they also accept paypal at check out for those of you squimish about entering your credit card info. But hurry, the promo goes until Midnight tonight!

If you shop via ebates.com you’ll earn cash back as well. Win-win.

Expect a review of Magic Razorless Hair Remover in the near future.


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