Hunger Games Collection!!


EEE!!!! EEEE!!

I got my hands on some of the new Hunger Games Colors From the Capitol Collection by China Glaze!! Oh SO SO SO excited!!!

Colors From the Capitol

Colors From the Capitol

Back to Front, Left to Right:

Riveting, Harvest Moon, Luxe and Lush, and Smoke and Ashes

I absolutely love each and every…no I don’t I don’t like Harvest Moon…why might you ask?



One of these things is just like the other…Pop Quiz! Which one is Harvest Moon?

I knew when I picked this up, that the color seemed very familiar to me somehow…It wasn’t until I got home and dug out my color wheel to add Harvest Moon that I noticed it’s exactly the same shade as In Awe of Amber.

Now, there is a slight difference I noticed upon swatching. Harvest Moon is much more sheer when applied, and takes more coats to become opaque.

IAoA Left HM Right

IAoA Left HM Right

See how close they are? With another coat or two I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. If you already own In Awe of Amber, I’d avoid getting Harvest Moon. B’ah! I should have gotten Argo! The above are 1 coat each.

Smoke and Ashes

Smoke and Ashes

Smoke and Ashes

Smoke and Ashes

Oh how I LOVE Smoke and Ashes!! Swoon! It’s a patient leathery black base with teal flecks of glitter packed into it! The finish is smooth and slippery and I JUST LOVE IT!! It’s unfortunately, very hard to photograph because of the ultra shine of it’s finish.

Line Up! Smoke and Ashes, Riveting, and Luxe and Lush

Line Up! Smoke and Ashes, Riveting, and Luxe and Lush

Riveting is a super powerful punch of orange with orange-gold flecks. It’s amazing. The finish is smooth and shiny and lovely. I’m sorry to say I couldn’t get a good swatch of it…the reflective gold glitters were playing havoc with my camera.

Luxe and Lush…Oh who can say enough good things about this textured topper? It’s the middle of the swatch wheel, and looks like shattered glass. When worn over a color, it makes it look chunky and textured with an iridescent shine with out actually being chunky. I love this polish so much I may have to invest in a back up bottle!!

From the China Glaze Site

From the China Glaze Site

Oh how I wish I could find Electrify!!

I’ve got a nail art blog coming up using the colors I’ve purchased to create a look inspired by the book series and upcoming movie! I’m waiting until it gets closer to the movie release date to post my Makeup and Nail looks!


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    • That’s a long drive unless I’m in the area…but…but…AH! They restocked at my Sally’s and now I have Argo, Electrify, Dress Me Up, and Hook and Line…which I bought JUST because I liked the char from that district. lol

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