Polish Haulin! Nicole by OPI and Spoiled

OPI and Spoiled

OPI and Spoiled

Is it really considered a “Haul” when most of it was gifted? Eh…whatever.

Whenever I’m feeling blue, my mother makes it better by buying me nail polish! And well, CVS has had a sale on their Spoiled line 1.50 each with their in store card! Woo-hoo!

In the line up, Left to Right and Back to Front we have…

Nicole by OPI-  Turquoise Texture, Rainbow in the S-Kylie (Kardashian Collection), and Love Your Life.

Spoiled- Jewelry Heist, Shuffle the Deck, My Saturn Broke Down, and Permission to Proceed

Glitter Swatches

Glitter Swatches

Rainbow in the S-Kylie, Shuffle the Deck, Jewelry Heist, My Saturn Broke Down, Love Your Life

So just a heads up…the Nicole OPI Turquoise Texture (Shatter/Crackle) is the same as the regular OPI Turquoise Texture. The only thing I can see different on my nail wheel is their crackle pattern, and if you’ve played with shatter/crackle polishes, you know that’s not even a for sure thing. (Some polishes have large patches with a few crackles, other’s shatter all over the place.) Nicole’s patter crackles, with bigger chunks of crackle polish…maybe. I’d need to do many swatches and compare the two to be sure.

Rainbow in the S-Klyie surprised me. I hadn’t planned on getting any of the Kardashian collection, but since it was a gift I wasn’t going to send it back. I do like it, quite a bit in comparison to the other polishes in the collection that I found dull. This is chock-full of rainbow glitters with larger hexagon shaped glitters. It reminds me of a birthday party in a bottle. I like it a lot, and I’m sure I’ll be using it over other polishes in the future. It’s so fun and festive. It’s strait glitter, no iridescent sheen, just strait up solid colored glitter.The base polish is clear.

Love Your Life is a iridescent glitter with large pink hearts in a clear base. It looks like a sheer pink base in the bottle, but it’s not. I’m…m’eh about this one. It’s cute for Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day, or an Anniversary Dinner or something like that. The glitter doesn’t really pack much of a punch, and is barely there when swatched.

Shuffle the Deck is a chunky glitter topper, although I’m sure it could be worn on it’s own. Clear base polish. Non-iridescent glitter in Black, Red, and Silver.

Jewelry Heist is a little different then Shuffle the Deck. It has the same hexagon glitter chunks but in Pink and Silver with the addition of smaller Green, Silver, and Blue jewel toned baby glitter flecks.

Now for the odd one out…My Saturn Broke Down. Iridescent glitter flecks that flash blue, silver, green, and teal in a jelly base of blue with even smaller flecks of silver glitter. This is one of those polishes that will never be opaque, so don’t try. It’s meant to be sheer and wet looking.

Lastly…There isn’t too much to say about Permission to Proceed. It’s a matte Neon Green. The thing with neon colors, is they’ll always be rather sheer unless you use a base coat of white, so I suggest doing just that.


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