Review: Nabi Magnetc Nail Poilish



So Friday night after getting some Thai food, I stopped into Walgreen’s to break a 20 for my change till for Qaina. I figured, I’d buy something small like a 2 dollar nail polish and that’d be that…well…course not!

Walking in, I found a rather large display of a new magnetic polish by a company called Nabi.

What attracted me was the fact that a lot of the colors were vibrant and didn’t have that chunky glitter in it that I’m not a fan of…yay! I fell for the blue/teal and green, but since I have been burned by magnetic polishes in the past, I just picked up the blue/teal (47-300, no names unfortunately.)

Nabi Magnetic Polish- 47-300

Nabi Magnetic Polish- 47-300

Alright, so I first played with this while skyping with a friend, and in retrospect, that may not have been the most fantastic idea ever…still..

My first impression was this polish smelled BAD. And I don’t mean like a normal polish smell…no this smells like really cheap rubbery kid’s polish. The really low quality stuff. The scent is VERY strong, and doesn’t go away when dried. It does become a lot less noticeable when you put on a top coat.

I played around with the magnet and polish…

I don’t care for the magnet at all. it’s pretty weak and didn’t really do anything. Also, the bottle design is lacking. The magnet is built into the cap, which means you have to close the bottle after every application. You can try using it with the cap only and the brush out, but it’ hard to handle and you run the risk of the polish drying/caking on the brush. (Fast drying in thin coats) Also, the magnet is just flat with no “lip” to line up on your cuticle. This seems like a small problem, but that little lip REALLY helps to keep the magnet from touching your wet nail.



This polish chips like mad. I didn’t put a top coat on before going to bed, and when I got up it had already started chipping. I got up and used the bathroom once and washed my hands once before returning to bed. That’s all.

I also wasn’t impressed at first with the magnetic properties…but I decided to try again in the morning.

Fast forward 8 hours…

Nabi vs.Clare's Magnetix

Nabi vs.Clare's Magnetix

I decided to go ahead and use the China Glaze Magnet as it was much easier to use then the magnet provided. You can see the huge difference between Nabi (blue/teal) and Claire’s Magnetix (Green).

I did manage to get the Nabi’s magnetic effect to show much better with the China Glaze magnet, but still…seems like a mute point for most of the world that doesn’t have 10 million polishes and magnets sitting around, right? It still seems lacking compared to Claire’s, see the star design on my thumb compared to the star on the green?

I’m still complaining…I’ll get to something good sooner or later…

So besides all that, this takes FOREVER to dry. One thin coat dries quick, but the magnets have no effect on it. Like all it’s magnetic polish cousins, you need to glop this on to get it to work…and it takes ages to dry.

This stains SOOOOO bad. Use a base coat and any smudges left on your skin from removing srub off with polish remover quickly, otherwise you’ll end up with stained skin.

This dries to a patent-leather type finish, which I kinda do like. I don’t like the fact it feels like you’ll take a chunk out of the polish if it catches on something.

I DO really REALLY like to color. It looks more blue in the bottle, but dries to a lovely rich deep teal which I would wear w/o fussing with the magnets.

When a top-coat goes on, it just shines so lovely.

The price is really good at 3.99 per bottle.

So there you go. If you want to invest some time, this is an okay product. Okay, but not fantastic.



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