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I’m not going to go out of my way to deliver these, but if we’re going to be at the same location (Pennsic, Dance Event, Show, Studio, Road Trip, where ever…) I will bring them to you. I will also mail these if you pay shipping, but it will be on my time. I go to the post office about once a month.




I’d like these to go to a good home before I donate them.



H= Hard Cover. Paperback unless otherwise noted.



AUTHOR-Robert Jordan

Wheel of Time Series, in no particular order

Cross Roads of Twilight #10 H and paperback

Knife of Dreams #11 H and paperback

The Gathering Storm #13 H

Lord of Chaos #6

The Fires of Heaven #5

Crown of Swords #7

The Shadow Rising #4

The Dragon Reborn #3

The Great Hunt#2

The Eye of the World #1 H and paperback

New SpringWinters Heart #9

The Path of Daggers#8


Terry Goodkind- All H






Pillars of Creation

Sword of Truth Series-

Faith of the Fallen (jacketless)

Temple of the Winds #4

Blood of the Fold #3

Stone of Tears (jacketless)


Fred Saborhagen

Book of Swords-All H

The Lost Swords: Endgame

The Lost Swords: The Second Triad

The Complete Book of Swords

An Armary of Swords



The Book of the New Sun- Gene Wolfe

Spellbound- Vivian Vande Veldo

The Sword of Shannara and The Elfstones of Shannara- Terry Brooks

What Would You Do?


Just got back from a weekend gig that had promised to be amazing, and was a serious let down for more then one reason.

When we arrived at the location and asked what time we would be performing, we were informed that we had no stage time, as they were not sure we had wanted it.


I do believe in our CONTRACT it stated we wanted to dance on a STAGE up to 2 times per day with the exception of Friday, would like a Gypsy Camp so we could have a home base to put our things, and would like our name listed in the program with a provided blurb, and lunch.

These were our requirements for performing for Tips rather then requesting payment.

I have the emails and contract where the event agreed to our conditions.

So once again…Pardon?

As to not piss off the car full of tired gypsies who just drove 3+ hours, management agreed to allow us stage time between acts. Any time there was not an act on stage was our for the taking….

Oh, unless an act needed 20 extra minutes to set up…in which case we were unceremoniously asked to stop what we were doing as we were “Stepping on the toes of the next act.” I should then mention that the management was WRONG, as they assumed it was half an hour earlier then it was and the next act only needed 2 minutes to set up, and then started late anyways…oh and they still blamed us.

We had no stage time set, no one knew we were supposed to be performing, there for we made no tips. All of us are in the red thanks to this trip.

So here’s the real kicker…We apparently have something of a following in the area, as we were approached by more then a few people and told that we were their favorite thing from the faire last year, and we’re the reason they came back. At least we have fans and they’re loyal.

And now the question I present to you, the masses. To my fellow dancers and not….

What would YOU do in this situation? Would you write to management and explain you are very unhappy that the agreements weren’t honored? Would you simply refuse to perform there again next year? Is it even worth the time and effort? I’m curious to see what others think.