Maya from Space: 1999


I was hired to do makeup for a Yuri’s Night Party.

Holly wanted to be transformed into Maya from Space: 1999.

Over all, Maya has a simple look, but it changes from episode to episode. Sometimes the “mutton chops” as I called them curl, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes her ears are brown, sometimes not. Sometime her brows curl upward, sometimes not. Sometimes her widow’s peek is large, sometimes it’s not.

I kept the eye make up true to the Character Photos. brown tones with a rounded liquid black liner, only the shadow creating the cat eye. With the changing features, I picked and chose which ones would work best with Holly’s bone structure.  I had to cut down the number of “eyebrow bobbles” from 10 to 8 each side, and I enlarged the widow’s peek.

The brow bobbles were made from the dot candy that comes on paper. I covered them in liquid latex and painted them a brown-red color to match Holly’s hair better. Her brows were covered by a combo of glue stick, liquid latex, and tissue paper.


100_2817 100_2818


I managed the beehive with absolutely no hair extensions! It’s amazing what you can do with a can of cheap hairspray, some bobby pins, and a comb! What’s most impressive, is Holly has bangs!  You can see right at the upward slope of the hive her bangs, they wouldn’t quite lay flat against the bump no matter what I did, so I just let them be.


This was done with absolutely no heat what so ever. (except a blow dryer, because her hair was wet.)100_2821 100_2822 100_2823


Over all work time in person was 3 hours. One hour spread over a week to make the eyebrow bobbles.


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