Why I Shame



So, I realized that sometimes my blog posts can come off as mean…or as a whistle blower…or vindictive.


I’m not trying to be any of the above.

I do what I do to in hopes of helping people open their eyes to the wrongs that can happen in not only the dance scene, but in life as well.

When new dancers come into a studio, and get wind of others being put down, they don’t know this isn’t the norm. Suddenly they start to question themselves, and think “You know, maybe I do need to take off a few pounds…” or “Maybe I should dye my hair…” “Maybe I’m not tone enough…” This is not the way to be thinking when under taking a new passion. I wonder how many women run from this art because of belly-shaming.

I want everyone to know acting in less than supportive ways is NOT okay.

Yes, we’re women and get catty. That’s fine, but do it outside of the dance scene. Complain to your husband or very trusted troupe member. ALWAYS be nice to your fellow dancer, even if you hate them. Even if you think you have nothing in common, the simple fact is you do. You both have a passion for the same art. Respect that in each other.

A friend of mine texted me, asking if it was the best idea that I had posted my last blog post. She was right, hate does breed hate. I wasn’t trying to be hateful, just wanted to shine light on a terrible situation and let people know that it is NOT okay.

I want people to know that if you’re in a shitty situation, it’s alright to remove yourself and seek greener pastures to dance in.


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