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I’m Engaged!! How he did it…


I’m engaged to the most wonderful man in the entire world…it’s been 3 years, and all the baggage and wait was worth it. He asked me to marry him on my birthday, knowing there was nothing I wanted, except him. We had an awesome day of adventure, doing whatever I wanted to because it was my birthday.


We started off with a local craft faire, then traveled down to Jacksonville, FL to explore the Cummer’s Museum of Art and Botanical Gardens. The museum happened to be right next to the Riverside Arts Market, so we walked over there and had lunch. After that, we headed to Jacksonville Beach, but not before I found a World Market and made an “emergency” pit stop…hey, it’d been almost a year since I’d set foot in one… Jax beack was really crowded, and we walked on the pier, and watched the fishermen. Got to see someone catch a shark, but the line snapped before they could get it reeled in. After the pier, we walked the beach for a bit and gave up, it was just way too crowded.

Since Jax beach was a bust, David asked if we could go to Fernandina Beach…I had a feeling something was brewing, because he wanted to be there at sunset, because it’d be romantic. So we drove an hour north to Fernandina, and stopped to have some Frozen Yogurt before heading to the beach.

By now, it was around 8, and the sun was setting and the beach was windy. We set our things down, and walked a few yards. He started to get stiff and stopped walking. I turned and asked if he was ok (He’s been having a lot of knee problems and is getting simvisc injections). He pulled a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to me.

“Here. This is for you, but you have to read it out loud.”

Our love is like the ocean blue

A never ending beach.

No matter coast or continent

There’s no land it cant reach

It’s full of fascinating sights

And wonders lurk the deep

An endless ‘scape to uncover

And loves riches to keep

The waves crest high and glisten too

Your perfect silver touch

The sunsets colors demonstrate

How I love you so much

It’s gentle like a rising tide

My soul soaked like the sand

So when it’s time to be apart

I still can hold your hand

The sapphire of the Middle Sea

If our love had a hue

And like it our bond’s deep richness

Leads me only to you

Our love is like the oceans blue

As endless as the sea

I cant live my life without you

“So will you marry me?”

I looked up as he said that last line himself, and I cried, and cried. And I nodded my head. And we hugged and hugged. He didn’t get down on one knee…And told me the reason was he was too nervous, his head said go, but his body just didn’t listen. I don’t care…it was perfect.

David had my mother’s ring resized for me so I could wear it again. That beautiful star sapphire ring means so much to me. It was given to my mother for her sweet 16, and she passed it down to me when I turned 16. I wasn’t able to wear it for long, the stone started to become loose, and soon my fingers were too big for the ring, so it’s sat in a jewelry box lonely for at least 15 years.

I’m so happy to be wearing it again, it’s such a beautiful ring, and now it means so much more to me.