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Holiday Nail Art: Round 3 and 4


Two for one special! Mostly because Round 3 didn’t last too long before it started chipping….sad-face.

Round Two-

X-Mas tree on a blue background with colored tips.

Polish Used:

Green- China Glaze- Holidaze under Sinful Colors Call You Later (Glitter), Blue- Sinful Colors (Gel Tech Shine) in Skinny Dipping, White- Wet n Wild Wild Shine in French White Creme, Gold Star- Sally Hanson Salon Complete in 310- Guilty Pleasure, and last the thin red lines/dots Sinful Colors Nail Art in Pretty Cool.


Yikes….lots of colors. This was the last manicure I did with my really long nails. After this started chipping, I trimmed them down to a more manageable length, no more hitting two keys at a time while typing! Here’s the finished nail art…

100_3473 100_3474


Nail art 4, which is on my nails as I type I defiantly love. It’s super sparkly, and I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on it in the short time I’ve had it on…It might have something to do with the fact that my nails are all perfectly the same length right now, having cut them down…but maybe…I’m not sure.

This one is a red and green glitter fade into a nude. I used both polish and cosmetic glitter to obtain this, as strangely enough I’m lacking a red clear base glitter in my collection…no seriously! I was pretty shocked!

Colors Used-

Base-China Glaze- Love letters, Greens- China Glaze- Holidaze and Sinful Colors Call You Later, Red- China Glaze Pointsettia and LA Splash Cosmetics Glitter Splash in Starlight Red (Cosmetic Glitter, not polish)

I painted just the very tip a solid color, then sponged up about a quarter of the way before covering the nail with the glitter to create the ombre glitter effect.


I really really love how the finished product turned out. One of my favorite things about glitter tips is how long it lasts. I should be able to get a week plus wear out of this mani if I choose to…however there’s so much more to do before the end of the month! Anywho, here’s the finished product.



Holiday Nail Art: Round 2 Candy Cane Swirls


I’m not really sure how I feel about this one. When I thought up the idea, I felt it’d be a fun different candy cane design, and I don’t know, in practice I’m not sure I’m digging it. I think it’s the thumb that’s bugging me the most, but I haven’t quite narrowed it down yet. Either way, I figured I’d document this.

Polish Used:

Base- China Glaze: Love Letters


Design- White- Wet n Wild Wild Shine- French White Creme, Green-China Glaze Holly-Day (From 2012 Holiday Collection I believe), and Red- China Glaze- Pointsettia (2012 Holiday Collection as well).


Holiday Nails: Frozen


First holiday nails of December!! I love how this frozen-tipped mani turned out. I really feel like it’s snow-covered. I had a bit of difficulty getting the ombre effect right on this one, mostly because the shift from blue to white needed to be quick. I achieved this by using a solid white base, then at the cuticle placing the blue and blotching it towards the white. About halfway down I used a sheer paler blue, then dabbed in more white. Topped with a multi-sized circle glitter and BAM! I really love this. Not only is it “winter holiday” appropriate, but it’s also Frozen themed appropriate…and it matches the white and blue holiday decore on my desk at work! HA!

My nails are so long right now, I’m not use to them. I’m very torn between cutting them down, and leaving them long. They’re such great canvases right now!! I feel almost bad cutting them with all the adorable holiday inspiration about! It’s getting harder to type though…so they may be getting a trim.

For some reason, this was not the easiest nail art to photograph, and no matter what I tried, it just didn’t take well. That makes me sad, in person this is so so pretty!

Polishes Used:

Wet n Wild- Wild Shine in French White Creme, China Glaze-Make a Spectacle (Glitter), December to Remember (2014 Holiday, Sheer Blue), So Blue Without You (2013 Holiday, brighter blue)

100_3467 100_3463

100_3455 100_3456

Ohmergerd! A Nailart Update!! What?


I know, right? What’s up with this?

It’s been hard for me to get inspired lately when it comes to blogging and nail art. I’m trying to get back into it with product reviews and what not as I find them. What inspired this was actually me coming across a new product…I’m not sure how new it is, as things aren’t usually cutting edge in my little town here. So, it’s new to me, and that’s all that matters, more on it later though.

I wanted to try a little something different. I’m not sure why exactly I thought about turkey feathers, but I did. Thanksgiving and all coming up, I’m sure it had something to do with it.

Products Used:


I <3 Nail Art Pen- Sally Hansen in Noir, OOC Cosmetics in Fondue, China Glaze Roughish Red and Sunshine Pop, X-Treme Wear-Sally Hansen in Sun Kissed, and L’Oreal in The Temptress Power (base color). Not sure how I really feel about how they turned out, but people seemed to like them at work. So I’ll roll with it.


Air Travel


So as far as exciting life things and beauty go, I’ve been fairly underwhelmed as of late. I’ve been working a lot, and have had some interesting life occurrences happen that sort of threw everything up into a tizzy.

As of today, I’m on vacation for a week…(did you hear the choir of angels? I just did…) and thus, i just finished with some very…entertaining travel stories.

Besides the fact two planes at two different airports were both having tech issues…that’s always super reassuring when you’re flying…seriously.

Other than that, I’ve realized there’s nothing quite like a flight to make you feel horrible about your body. Man I’ve never felt fatter, seriously. I swear to god, every time I fly, the seats are getting smaller and smaller. I mean, I haven’t gained any weight since the last time I flew, and…ugh. Man, thanks airlines for giving me some serious body image issues, which is upsetting, because normally I’m very self confident. Honestly, tho, I was stuck in the middle for the first round of my flights. I’m not bitching too much, or at least not trying to. I got my seats really cheap, and I understand that priceline more or less stuck me where they could…which uh…happened to be the middle.

I didn’t even have arm room, I mean, really?? Come on, people larger than me fly…people taller than me with bigger shoulders who weigh like 5lbs fly…how do they sit? how does anyone do anything on those planes? I had to sit cross armed the entire time…it was only 40 minutes, but seriously, unless you’re BFFs with the person next to you…? Um. No. Just…no. No. *sigh* What was worse was the lack of leg room. My legs aren’t that long, most of my height is in my torso, and my knees came to the back of the seats. I actually had to lay across the seats to get my bag under the seat in front of me.

Fun side note, when the young man in the windowseat came to claim his spot, I informed him we weren’t getting up, and he was going to have to climb over myself and the woman next to me. She started laughing and he was like “I’m game!” We stood up and let him in…although I wonder if he would have actually done it.

Another thing…what the hell is with people’s fashion at the airport??

There’s four types.

Trying too Hard.

I’m Here on Business


Seriously Too Little

The Trying too Hard are the people who (mostly women) are wearing short skirts and the like…These women wear heels…like 6 inch heels and attempt to walk quickly across the airport with little success. They get in people’s way, and make a show of themselves….entertaining and seriously? Just…just stop. No one cares what you look like, and everyone understands you’re traveling. 

I’m Here on Business are the people who are in suits and dresses and are clearly annoyed at having to travel in business attire because…ya know…business. It’s understandable why you’re dressed up, and we feel for you.

Reasonable people are the ones like me who don’t have any sort of travel expectations, we’re not expecting to find the loves of our lives or expect to run into the paparazzi in an airport, so we’ve dressed comfortably in flat shoes that we can run like hell in if need be…you never know when the zombies are coming, or when your flight is going to be delayed and you have to go from gate B4 to gate C55 which is, btw a train ride away and completely on the other side of the county. 

Seriously Too Little…these people…most of them are going someplace warm…or coming from someplace warm. I’ve noticed this trend among young girls from southern states. I want to be PC about this as much as possible, but it seems one some races out do other, though no one is blameless. This group all seem to wear the same thing. short shorts, and an over sized tank top that is very loose with large arm holes. This isn’t a problem in it’s self…the problem really is that they don’t wear a cami under the tank top like they should. You can see all of their bra…no I mean ALL of it. Really. NOT CLASSY LADIES. These shirts were really made for the beach, and that’s a damn fine place to wear them. I’m very for experimenting with fashion, and I’ve been known to alter beach attire for other events, but…uch…come on. Have a little class. Another big offender was the tropical sun dresses, which I’m a big fan of, and wear often myself…but oh the bra straps. Bra  straps everywhere…both front and back….please cover them up! Wear a little cami…or invest in a strapless bra. Class people…Class! (I’m so classy, I’m typing this post with my pink up! lol Actually that’s for some reason how I always type.)

I’ve also learned that the back seats of the plane, while close to the bathroom, make you think you’re about to die every 5 minutes.

Airport food has improved! There’s so many fantastic places to eat now, and larger chain restaurants are all over the place…no more McDonald’s or Burgerking…I had Five Guys at my layover. It was awesome.

Although convenience stores in the airport carry really amazing high end things, they’re seriously way over priced. I wondered why my bill for a potato chip chocolate bar and Peak Tea was 10.00…yea…no….my chocolate bar no joke was 6.99. I mean it was a seriously yummy chocolate bar, but still…no.

Over all, my travel experience with Delta was pretty great. I like the new upgrades to the TSA conditions, so now electronics can be left on with Airplane Mode activated. Thank you, TSA. Delta’s new  little safety video is cute too, and made me chuckle, way to get people to pay attention to the announcements again!

Working with Priceline, a dream as always. This was the first time I tried the Name Your Own Price feature, and it worked out really well, although I was a little concerned about not having a seat assigned until I found my gate…but no big deal. I’m pretty loyal to Priceline. I did try using to compare prices, and really…eh. I even listened to their little rate tracker thing, and ended up screwing myself over because I waited as it advised. Prices did not drop, they went WAY THE HELL UP.I also tried,,, and many of the other websites kayak suggested. I ended up going back to Priceline because their site was secure, where as others were not. I also named my own price and got a much better deal. Sticking with Priceline…besides… William Shatner is awesome. 

Fashion February! Part 4!


Last part of Fashion February! Wow…short month!! I somehow managed to wear a different outfit to work for the last 20 days. I’m rather impressed with myself. So here we go…the last bit of Fashion February!

100_3337 100_3338

Here’s the manicure I wore for the week, the picture isnt the best, but I’ve worn this before and have pictures of it in past blogs. OPI by Seophora, It’s Real gold flecked polish and Love Letters polish by China Glaze. I really love Love Letters, and wish it was a permanent polish. It sort of just makes your nails look perfect.100_3339 100_3340

Saturday. I bought this t-shirt on a whim from Ross for six dollars. I wasn’t too sure about it, since it’s a bit tight and sheer. I paired it white a white bandeau to prevent any bra lines. I really like the pattern on it though, and the dusty-pink color is girly with out being overly so. I paired it with my jersey-knit black sweater and black cargo pants for work.



Sunday super comfy day! I’ve owned this sundress for awhile, but it doesn’t get much time out of the closet. I decided that it was rather flattering with the black sweater over it, and the length is appropriate for work. Since the temp was nearly 80 degrees, I figured I could go to and from work with out thesweater and pull it over for the office to keep with dress code.


This dress came from Ross for 11.99. It’s silky and stretchy, and very comfortable if not a little slippery when you sit. I bought this mostly to wear in March for St. Patty’s Day. Paired with a white cropped high-low sweater for work.
100_3344 100_3345

Tuesday. I love this dress. This is one of my epic Torrid finds . I do believe this dress cost me around 8 dollars during a clearance event where I got 70% off the already marked down prices. Original dress of the price was 70 dollars!! So excited! You can wear this strapless, or attach the straps with little hooks, which I do for work to prevent any mishaps while sitting in my chair. Black sweater for the office and my braided black sandals. I thought about pairing this with my awesome black wedges, but my knees said otherwise.

100_3346 100_3347Wednesday outfit! Last outfit of Fashion February! I was having a day where I just did not want to wear clothes…so I tried to be comfortable and flowy. The top actually IS office appropriate, I brought along the black sweater because out temps were swinging during the day, and you never know how cold or hot the office is going to be. The shirt came from Wal-mart on clearance for 3 dollars, paired with my Capri jeans from Torrid.


Fashion February! Part 3


A day late! Oh nose!

I’m a day late for a reason…Today is suppose to be stormy, and crappy, and yesterday was sunny and 80 degrees and wonderful, so I did my running around yesterday. I went to Ulta, and got a new haircut. I’m mostly happy with the results, but this morning I’m in the awkward phase where the left over product is doing strange things to my hair…Actually, yesterday the sylist had some trouble with it. She used a color-stay shampoo to protect the teal ends, and my hair sort of freaked out. She had to rewash it, much to her own shock. I tried warning her…I only use sulfate free products on my hair. Ah well…I’m going to wash it in a bit, so we’ll see what happens.

I was trying to make a video for a Frozen Sing Along Compilation that’s being put together, but my camera is dead…so after it gets some juice, I’ll film it, then shower this product out…I’ve apparently big plans for today, can you tell?

On to the Fashion…


Saturday’s outfit…This is one of my best finds from Torrid ever. Original price of this floral maxi dress? 69.99! I got it for…wait for it…wait for it… 7 dollars. I’m not even kidding. There is one small problem with this dress, it’s very low cut, and the cups are on the smaller size, it’s a size 1 in Torrid, and I usually wear a size 2. I am making some major life changes very soon, so I’m hoping the boobies will fit better into the top of the dress shortly. until then, I pair this with a grey lace trimmed bandeau that matches the grey background of the dress. It looks like it’s part of the dress, and works just fine. I paired this strapless maxi with a long black jersey knit sweater to make it work appropriate, and my teal sandals.


Sunday. I bought this white shirt at Its Fashion for 6 dollars because I was freezing a few weeks ago when the temp never reached 75 as promised. I dont know if I’m too fond of it, but since I did buy it I felt I’d take it for a test drive on a laid back Sunday. Paired this with my favorite black lace trimmed tank from Lane Bryant and my dark denim capris from Torrid that I got on clearance last year from a store closing event for 10 bucks. My sandals are by Sketchers (from the Shoe Dept. About 34.00), and I love them. They’re my go-to comfy run around shoes.


100_3312 100_3311 100_3310

Monday was a flashback to my middle school days…minus the shoes. Grey jersey knit top (which I’m planning to add a lace applique to when I find one I like), in a high low style purchased from It’s Fashion for 15 bucks. It came with a stretchy belt and a gold necklace, both I removed. I turned my old long black sweater into a long flowing vest. The sleeves had holes in them, hence why I had to get a new one (above), but the body is in decent shape, so I up-cycled the old one into this vest.The pants are jean-leggings from Wal-Mart (12 dollars).

My accessories are a mish-mosh of things I’ve had for years, save for the shoes and headband. Shoes are from It’s Fashion for 7.99 and I pretty much love these…the only thing I’m not fond of, is the no-slip bottoms. EVERYTHING sticks to them. Fur, dirt, twigs, leaves, everything. It’s pretty gross. I’m hoping as the soles wear down this will stop. My headband I got at the Beals outlet for 3 dollars. My cuff bracelet was purchased about 10 years ago in Salem, MA at a little gift shop, and the necklace I’ve had since 1995. I honestly can’t remember where it came from, more than likely Claire’s or a like store. I just remember I’ve always loved this piece because it’s a disk of the Zodiac.  I wore this pretty much every single day in 8th grade.

100_3313Tuesday. I’m still not sure I like this top…bought it on a whim at Wal-Mart for 12.49 because I thought the pattern was pretty and I liked to flowy fabric. I paired it here with my black lace trimmed tank (It had come with a magenta tank) and my Torrid dark denim capris and black woven sandals.  I ended up wearing my long black jersey sweater over this, and liked it much better. I feel like the busy floral print on the white around the stomach area just draws attention to it where there’s a blank space rather than helps flatter it.

100_3317 100_3315 100_3314

My prized find! I found this dress at Beal’s Outlet for 7.50. The original designer price? 79.00!!! SCORE! I love this dress, the fabric is flowy, yet very heavy and stretchy. The bottom and top pictures are more true to color than the middle. At the waist, there’s a drawstring with pearl and stone accents at the bottom. I’m still trying to figure out where this drawstring should lay, if it’s under bust or mid-waist. I have a very long torso, so it doesn’t quite sit right when I wear it around the waist. The dress is a drop sleeve, so where as it’s sleeveless, it comes down just passed the shoulders making it appropriate for the office. I paired it with a flow cropped white sweater for work, and my killer nude sandals.

I eyed this dress for about 4 weeks…and kept saying “Ok, if it’s there next payday…” I wasnt sure it was going to be flattering, bit is, and I’m happy with it, and I adore the pleats and the way the fabric moves. It’s great and was worth the 7.50 and the wait!

BONUS DAY! I usually only do 5 days, but since I went out and about yesterday…

100_3318 100_3319

Here’s my dress that I went about in, over a black bandeau. I purchased this dress last year at Gabriel Brother’s for about 13 dollars. This was pre-haircut.

The polish is by Hard Candy. Accent nail is 730 Jaw Breaker and the other fingers are 733 Candy Coated. I think I have 3 or 4 coats. This is going to be a nightmare to remove, but the waretime has been pretty awesome with minimal chipping and no top coat.

100_3328 100_3329

Post-haircut with makeup for the sing-a-long video, inspired of course by Queen Elsa. Shadows are from the Acid Pallet by Sleek cosmetics (got mine on Amazon for around 8 bucks), and the BH Cosmetics 120 palette. Gloss is from Nyx.