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Holiday Nail Art: Round 3 and 4


Two for one special! Mostly because Round 3 didn’t last too long before it started chipping….sad-face.

Round Two-

X-Mas tree on a blue background with colored tips.

Polish Used:

Green- China Glaze- Holidaze under Sinful Colors Call You Later (Glitter), Blue- Sinful Colors (Gel Tech Shine) in Skinny Dipping, White- Wet n Wild Wild Shine in French White Creme, Gold Star- Sally Hanson Salon Complete in 310- Guilty Pleasure, and last the thin red lines/dots Sinful Colors Nail Art in Pretty Cool.


Yikes….lots of colors. This was the last manicure I did with my really long nails. After this started chipping, I trimmed them down to a more manageable length, no more hitting two keys at a time while typing! Here’s the finished nail art…

100_3473 100_3474


Nail art 4, which is on my nails as I type I defiantly love. It’s super sparkly, and I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on it in the short time I’ve had it on…It might have something to do with the fact that my nails are all perfectly the same length right now, having cut them down…but maybe…I’m not sure.

This one is a red and green glitter fade into a nude. I used both polish and cosmetic glitter to obtain this, as strangely enough I’m lacking a red clear base glitter in my collection…no seriously! I was pretty shocked!

Colors Used-

Base-China Glaze- Love letters, Greens- China Glaze- Holidaze and Sinful Colors Call You Later, Red- China Glaze Pointsettia and LA Splash Cosmetics Glitter Splash in Starlight Red (Cosmetic Glitter, not polish)

I painted just the very tip a solid color, then sponged up about a quarter of the way before covering the nail with the glitter to create the ombre glitter effect.


I really really love how the finished product turned out. One of my favorite things about glitter tips is how long it lasts. I should be able to get a week plus wear out of this mani if I choose to…however there’s so much more to do before the end of the month! Anywho, here’s the finished product.


Holiday Nail Art: Round 2 Candy Cane Swirls


I’m not really sure how I feel about this one. When I thought up the idea, I felt it’d be a fun different candy cane design, and I don’t know, in practice I’m not sure I’m digging it. I think it’s the thumb that’s bugging me the most, but I haven’t quite narrowed it down yet. Either way, I figured I’d document this.

Polish Used:

Base- China Glaze: Love Letters


Design- White- Wet n Wild Wild Shine- French White Creme, Green-China Glaze Holly-Day (From 2012 Holiday Collection I believe), and Red- China Glaze- Pointsettia (2012 Holiday Collection as well).


Holiday Nails: Frozen


First holiday nails of December!! I love how this frozen-tipped mani turned out. I really feel like it’s snow-covered. I had a bit of difficulty getting the ombre effect right on this one, mostly because the shift from blue to white needed to be quick. I achieved this by using a solid white base, then at the cuticle placing the blue and blotching it towards the white. About halfway down I used a sheer paler blue, then dabbed in more white. Topped with a multi-sized circle glitter and BAM! I really love this. Not only is it “winter holiday” appropriate, but it’s also Frozen themed appropriate…and it matches the white and blue holiday decore on my desk at work! HA!

My nails are so long right now, I’m not use to them. I’m very torn between cutting them down, and leaving them long. They’re such great canvases right now!! I feel almost bad cutting them with all the adorable holiday inspiration about! It’s getting harder to type though…so they may be getting a trim.

For some reason, this was not the easiest nail art to photograph, and no matter what I tried, it just didn’t take well. That makes me sad, in person this is so so pretty!

Polishes Used:

Wet n Wild- Wild Shine in French White Creme, China Glaze-Make a Spectacle (Glitter), December to Remember (2014 Holiday, Sheer Blue), So Blue Without You (2013 Holiday, brighter blue)

100_3467 100_3463

100_3455 100_3456

Ohmergerd! A Nailart Update!! What?


I know, right? What’s up with this?

It’s been hard for me to get inspired lately when it comes to blogging and nail art. I’m trying to get back into it with product reviews and what not as I find them. What inspired this was actually me coming across a new product…I’m not sure how new it is, as things aren’t usually cutting edge in my little town here. So, it’s new to me, and that’s all that matters, more on it later though.

I wanted to try a little something different. I’m not sure why exactly I thought about turkey feathers, but I did. Thanksgiving and all coming up, I’m sure it had something to do with it.

Products Used:


I <3 Nail Art Pen- Sally Hansen in Noir, OOC Cosmetics in Fondue, China Glaze Roughish Red and Sunshine Pop, X-Treme Wear-Sally Hansen in Sun Kissed, and L’Oreal in The Temptress Power (base color). Not sure how I really feel about how they turned out, but people seemed to like them at work. So I’ll roll with it.


Fashion February! Part 3


A day late! Oh nose!

I’m a day late for a reason…Today is suppose to be stormy, and crappy, and yesterday was sunny and 80 degrees and wonderful, so I did my running around yesterday. I went to Ulta, and got a new haircut. I’m mostly happy with the results, but this morning I’m in the awkward phase where the left over product is doing strange things to my hair…Actually, yesterday the sylist had some trouble with it. She used a color-stay shampoo to protect the teal ends, and my hair sort of freaked out. She had to rewash it, much to her own shock. I tried warning her…I only use sulfate free products on my hair. Ah well…I’m going to wash it in a bit, so we’ll see what happens.

I was trying to make a video for a Frozen Sing Along Compilation that’s being put together, but my camera is dead…so after it gets some juice, I’ll film it, then shower this product out…I’ve apparently big plans for today, can you tell?

On to the Fashion…


Saturday’s outfit…This is one of my best finds from Torrid ever. Original price of this floral maxi dress? 69.99! I got it for…wait for it…wait for it… 7 dollars. I’m not even kidding. There is one small problem with this dress, it’s very low cut, and the cups are on the smaller size, it’s a size 1 in Torrid, and I usually wear a size 2. I am making some major life changes very soon, so I’m hoping the boobies will fit better into the top of the dress shortly. until then, I pair this with a grey lace trimmed bandeau that matches the grey background of the dress. It looks like it’s part of the dress, and works just fine. I paired this strapless maxi with a long black jersey knit sweater to make it work appropriate, and my teal sandals.


Sunday. I bought this white shirt at Its Fashion for 6 dollars because I was freezing a few weeks ago when the temp never reached 75 as promised. I dont know if I’m too fond of it, but since I did buy it I felt I’d take it for a test drive on a laid back Sunday. Paired this with my favorite black lace trimmed tank from Lane Bryant and my dark denim capris from Torrid that I got on clearance last year from a store closing event for 10 bucks. My sandals are by Sketchers (from the Shoe Dept. About 34.00), and I love them. They’re my go-to comfy run around shoes.


100_3312 100_3311 100_3310

Monday was a flashback to my middle school days…minus the shoes. Grey jersey knit top (which I’m planning to add a lace applique to when I find one I like), in a high low style purchased from It’s Fashion for 15 bucks. It came with a stretchy belt and a gold necklace, both I removed. I turned my old long black sweater into a long flowing vest. The sleeves had holes in them, hence why I had to get a new one (above), but the body is in decent shape, so I up-cycled the old one into this vest.The pants are jean-leggings from Wal-Mart (12 dollars).

My accessories are a mish-mosh of things I’ve had for years, save for the shoes and headband. Shoes are from It’s Fashion for 7.99 and I pretty much love these…the only thing I’m not fond of, is the no-slip bottoms. EVERYTHING sticks to them. Fur, dirt, twigs, leaves, everything. It’s pretty gross. I’m hoping as the soles wear down this will stop. My headband I got at the Beals outlet for 3 dollars. My cuff bracelet was purchased about 10 years ago in Salem, MA at a little gift shop, and the necklace I’ve had since 1995. I honestly can’t remember where it came from, more than likely Claire’s or a like store. I just remember I’ve always loved this piece because it’s a disk of the Zodiac.  I wore this pretty much every single day in 8th grade.

100_3313Tuesday. I’m still not sure I like this top…bought it on a whim at Wal-Mart for 12.49 because I thought the pattern was pretty and I liked to flowy fabric. I paired it here with my black lace trimmed tank (It had come with a magenta tank) and my Torrid dark denim capris and black woven sandals.  I ended up wearing my long black jersey sweater over this, and liked it much better. I feel like the busy floral print on the white around the stomach area just draws attention to it where there’s a blank space rather than helps flatter it.

100_3317 100_3315 100_3314

My prized find! I found this dress at Beal’s Outlet for 7.50. The original designer price? 79.00!!! SCORE! I love this dress, the fabric is flowy, yet very heavy and stretchy. The bottom and top pictures are more true to color than the middle. At the waist, there’s a drawstring with pearl and stone accents at the bottom. I’m still trying to figure out where this drawstring should lay, if it’s under bust or mid-waist. I have a very long torso, so it doesn’t quite sit right when I wear it around the waist. The dress is a drop sleeve, so where as it’s sleeveless, it comes down just passed the shoulders making it appropriate for the office. I paired it with a flow cropped white sweater for work, and my killer nude sandals.

I eyed this dress for about 4 weeks…and kept saying “Ok, if it’s there next payday…” I wasnt sure it was going to be flattering, bit is, and I’m happy with it, and I adore the pleats and the way the fabric moves. It’s great and was worth the 7.50 and the wait!

BONUS DAY! I usually only do 5 days, but since I went out and about yesterday…

100_3318 100_3319

Here’s my dress that I went about in, over a black bandeau. I purchased this dress last year at Gabriel Brother’s for about 13 dollars. This was pre-haircut.

The polish is by Hard Candy. Accent nail is 730 Jaw Breaker and the other fingers are 733 Candy Coated. I think I have 3 or 4 coats. This is going to be a nightmare to remove, but the waretime has been pretty awesome with minimal chipping and no top coat.

100_3328 100_3329

Post-haircut with makeup for the sing-a-long video, inspired of course by Queen Elsa. Shadows are from the Acid Pallet by Sleek cosmetics (got mine on Amazon for around 8 bucks), and the BH Cosmetics 120 palette. Gloss is from Nyx.

Bindi Ownership 101



Video coming soon!

Through my life as a dancer, I noticed something a little odd…

The sheer amount of dancers who have no idea about how to care for and wear bindis.

I’m not talking about the peel and stick sort you purchase at your local Indian grocery store, I’m talking about the large hand crafted works of art savoy crafters make. I suppose the same can apply to the small peel and stick ones as well, however they don’t have the same thickness and fall apart quickly. They’re so inexpensive they’re more of a one time shot sort of thing, but when you’re dishing out ten plus dollars for ONE bindi, well you need to know how to make the most of your money!

The idea for this came to me while I was cleaning and organizing for my big move in May. I realized I had very much neglected my poor collection of bindis and they were in need of some serious TLC. So here we go…Bindi Ownership 101.

1. I want to own a hand crafted bindi. What do I look for?

So you want to own an awesome hand crafted work of art for your forehead? Good for you! Sucking it up and making the investment is a big choice, sometimes it’s hard to suck it up and pay 10-20 dollars for something that sticks between your eye brows.

When purchasing your bindi(s), you need to be sure that it’s going to fit your forehead. If you’re purchasing a large statement piece, you’re going to want to look for a “hinge” as I call it. What I mean by this, is a break in the design usually at the top or bottom that will allow the bindi to bend to the shape of your forehead. This is important, because you want the bindi to lay flat, as opposed to sticking up like an antenna.  Shopping on etsy can be a bit tricky when it comes to this. If you really want a huge bindi, look for one that comes in individual parts until you are familiar with how things lay against the slope of your forehead.

To get the most out of your money for your first purchase, think about buying a neutral color or a solid metal piece. Yes, that bright pink sparkly stone one is quite amazing and you can’t stop looking at it…but how many bright pink costumes do you own? Pick out something that’s going to match your current wardrobe, and then build from there. (Although, I’m guilty of building a costume around a bindi.)

2. I’ve purchased my bindi. Now what?

Now you’re going to need something to stick it to your face with.

You have two options for this. 1- Spirit Gum. 2- Eyelash Glue.

I’ll touch on Lash Glue first… I don’t like it. I know a few dancers who swear by it for one reason or another. “It holds better.” “I’m allergic to spirit gum.” “I couldn’t find spirit gum.” I sometimes tend to think the first reason is a cover up for the last. I personally can’t stand Lash Glue for holding anything to my face. It doesn’t hold up well in humidity, and any oil on your skin is going to cause the bindi to plop right off. Even if you’ve cleaned your skin pre-application you’re still going to be making oils through the day, and your bindi is going to fall off. If this is your only option because of allergies, you need to be sure you let the glue dry until it’s -very- tacky. Put a smear on your skin, then on the bindi and wait until both are tacky and stick them together. This will give you the best shot.

Now, Spirit Gum. Yes, it can be a bit tricky to locate offline if you don’t know where to look for it. It’s inexpensive, running from 1-6 dollars for a small bottle. You can find it at any costume store year round, it’s with the make-up or latex FX parts. One bottle will last your over a year. Many bindi vendors also sell spirit gum.

Be sure to do a test patch on your skin to be sure you’re not allergic. It’s not likely you will be, but as I stated above, some people are. I do know a few dancers with very sensitive skin, and they don’t have an issue using Spirit Gum. Even if you don’t have a skin sensitivity, you could still have a nasal sensitivity. For example, my skin takes it fine, but depending on the quality of the gum I can get a headache after wearing a bindi for hours. It’s not bad enough to force me to use Lash Glue.

To use the spirit gum, you’ll need to coat the back of the bindi and set it to dry. While it’s drying, wipe clean the patch of skin on your forehead. You need to apply this to bare skin, no make up and no primer. Once the spirit gum is tacky, press the bindi to your skin, hold for ten seconds, and you should be good to go. Sometimes heavier bindis can take a bit more hold time. For very heavy bindis, you’ll need to apply some spirit gum directly to your skin as well as the back of the bindi (spirit gum bottles usually frown on this). Tap your finger on your skin until it becomes tacky, then stick bindi to skin. Hold for 10 seconds and carefully let go. I have seen some bindis so heavy the dancer needed to lay back while the spirit gum completely dried.

The best time to buy spirit gum is the day after Halloween. Shockingly enough, the bottles bought at Wal-Mart are high quality and don’t let me down! I found prices there as low as 10 cents a bottle post Halloween.

You’ll want to look for a liquid that has the texture of a quality maple syrup. If it’s too runny or too thick it’s not going to work well. It should be an amber to pale gold in color and semi-transparent.

To remove, just peel your bindi off. If in the event it doesn’t easily peel off, pour a rubbing alcohol or an astringent based makeup remover between the bindi and your skin to loosen the adhesive  I’ve only ever seen this happen once, and I stand by the fact the person the bindi was stuck to was just being a baby.

Rub the area where the bindi was with your finger tips to ball up the gum, and then clean your skin as you normally would.

3. Can I reuse this?

The beauty of buying hand made bindis is you can easily reuse them as long as you take good care of them! Cleaning and storage is easy.

4. Bindi Cleaning

Cleaning your bindi(s) is very simple and easy. All you need is a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a couple Q-tips/Cotton Swabs.

Simply saturate the swab with rubbing alcohol and start swabbing the gunk off the back of your bindi.

For super gunked up bindis, you can saturate the back of the bindi with the rubbing alcohol and let it set for a few minutes. I’ve even gone as far as setting one face down in a small pool of rubbing alcohol.

You don’t have to clean your bindi after every use, but it is advised to prevent adhesive build up. If you’re like me and have people bumming bindis off you for loaners, you want to lend out a clean bindi, not one with your skin cells stuck to it…although this might have been a key to making people remember their own bindi and stop asking me for mine. Haha!

After you’ve de-gunked the back of your bindi, just let it air dry.

I’ve tried cleaning bindis with other things…Dish soap, Make-Up Remover, Make-Up Brush Cleaner…Nothing works as well as rubbing alcohol.

5. Bindi Storage

If you’ve only a few bindis, storage is quite simple. Many dancers use old mint containers, which I think is an amazing option. You can even glue a small mirror on the inside of the lid.

Now of you’re like me, and just can’t contain your bindi addiction, you’ll need something a little more hard core. What I’ve found that works really amazingly is bead containers found at craft store, the sort that have rows of “tic-tac” boxes lined up inside. One bindi per box all neatly held in the larger box. It keeps your bindis safe and sound. The best part, is these come in multiple sizes!

Some dancers opt to have a decorated box that sits out on their make-up station. I have both a simple plastic box for my medium bindis, and then a decorated box for my small and large ones that wont fit into a tic-tac box.

6. Things you don’t think about.

-Don’t waste money on spirit gum remover. EVER. A bottle of “Spirit Gum Remover” is just rubbing alcohol. You’ll pay twice as much for something in a teeny tiny little container.

-Emergency Bindi Storage. I find my wallet is the best place for a way-ward bindi. Sometimes you just don’t want to wear it anymore, or despite your best efforts, it falls off, stick it in your wallet so you don’t lose it. In a pinch, sticking it to your boob under your bra will work as well. Avoid the nipple area. The warmth of your body will heat the glue back up, and the bra will hold it in place so it won’t go slipping around or falling out.

-For easier removal, remove any wayward brow hairs you may have. Knock out that uni-brow or risk having all those hair ripped out when you pull your bindi off!

My go to shop for hand made Bindis has always been Big Ass Bindis. She started her company long before anyone else in our area was making bindis.

Review Flower Cosmetics


Alrighty, so I was not so subtly urged to check out Drew Berrymore’s cosmetic’s line by a fellow dance sister (Achem…Celeste.) She was excited about the products, and asked if I had heard about them or seen them yet. I hadn’t, but I did check out the press info she sent me and decided I might as well check out the line. I like Drew Berrymore after all.
Flower is carried exclusively at Wal-Mart, and is promoted as being a high end type of cosmetic for a low end price. It’s also cruelty free, and all the good stuff. All the colors are also named after flowers, or have pun-flower names.
You can check out the Flower line at or
My closest super center carries the line, and it did take me a bit of hunting to find the end cap with the products. I was sort of surprised, as I was expecting more of a permanent area in cosmetics. This leads me to believe it’s a trial run for Flower in Wal-Mart stores since they hadn’t bothered to rearrange their plan-o-grams for Drew.
I was also expecting more products. The press release didn’t go into the individual products, but the line as a whole. I got the impression there would be a full cosmetics line including face powders and shadows….I was wrong, or at least wrong for my local store. Which sort of made me bummed until I checked out Indeed, there is a full line of cosmetics from BB Creams to shadow quads. Most of the colors however are what I like to call “safe bets”. Browns and grey tones, nothing out there or crazy.

Mini Flower Haul

Mini Flower Haul

So I picked up the following products from my local super store…
2 Nail Lacquers, 1 Volumizing Mascara, and one Lip Butter.

First impressions before I started to explore….
I didn’t care for the Nail Lacquer bottles at first. They have those annoying square caps that never line back up right, so I was annoyed at this…until I realized you can actually remove the white cap with ease (it pops right off leaving a little plastic nubby) and line it back up with the bottle!! GOOD MOVE DREW!
I really liked the packaging for the lip butter at first. It’s cute and girly, and very eye catching.
The mascara packaging I don’t have strong feelings for either way. It’s green, and reminds me of a leaf. It’s neither difficult to use, or easy. Feels fairly generic in your hands, that’s not a bad thing.

So lets talk about the polishes first.

Showers and Good Bud-dy

April Showers and Good Bud-dy

I tried the aqua color Good Bud-dy first. It goes on a bit streaky, and for sure you need to use two coats for fullish opaqueness. Even with two coats, it’s more of a jelly finish and you can see your nail line beneath the color. With how the polish went on, I was a little worried the quality and wear of the polish, even more so since I had spent 6.95 on it.
I was pleasantly surprised at the length of wear I got out of this! I tested the polish using a base coat of Sache Vite and no top coat. With just this combo, the manicure lasted a week! No real chips or flakes! I was shocked! How awesome is that?! Now, this isn’t so say the polish remained perfect. The tips did show some wear or “shrinkage” which isn’t noticeable unless you look up close, and most people aren’t checking out your nails that closely. Oddly enough, where it did start to chip was actually by the cuticle as the nail grew.

Quick color swatch.

Quick color swatch.

I tested the dark dark blue April Showers next. I’ve mixed feelings about the color in general, I don’t hate it and I don’t love it…I’m in a neutral limbo. The color is one of those dark blues (A couple people have said they see green in it too.) that’s almost black. It has a unique finish on it’s own. It’s not matte, but it’s also not super shiny, and I dig that. I’ve been wearing this color for about five days now, and it’s holding up just as well as Good Bud-dy has! I even broke my tumb nail, and I assumed the polish would start chipping, it hasn’t! Not one bit.
Over all I’m very impressed with the quality of the polish. It’s worth the nearly 7 dollars I paid per polish. The length of wear is amazing, and I would for sure buy more in the future. The colors from the collection are over all nice, ranging from nudes to bold colors with lots of reds and pinks. If I didn’t already have most dupe colors in the collection, I’d jump on this line. The one thing I can say against the polishes  is that they lack unique colors. Also, there’s no shimmers or glitter colors, so if that’s your thing…sorry! I should also mention removal of the polish is a breeze!

Princess and the Paeony

Princess and the Paeony

On to the Lip Service Lip Butter…I got the shade Princess and the Paeony LB4…mostly because the name was adorable. It’s a medium-warm pink-mauve shade with a silver sheen. It has a faint fragrance that reminds me of cosmetics I had in my youth. (It smells like the DiC released Sailor Moon lipstick and compact to be exact! Don’t hate…that pearly lip gloss was amazing!) It’s a very light rose scent with a note of vanilla to dull it down. Honestly, it could have done with out the fragrance  but that’s just me. I’m one of those people that never sees the point to my face smelling like flowers. You can also taste the fragrance  and it’s a bit off putting…much less so than Benefit Cosmetic’s Benetint. The fragrance tastes just like it smells.

Color Swatch

Color Swatch

The wear on the lip butter is about average, there’s nothing that sticks out in greatness about it. The price point is the same as the polishes at just about seven dollars minus a few cents. It does condition the lips as well, so that’s a bonus.

Package Size vs. Actual Product.

Package Size vs. Actual Product.

Now here’s what I dislike greatly about the Lip Butters. Where as the packaging is super cute, I think it’s wasteful for a product that’s cruelty free and seems to be striding for planet goodness. You get very little product for the price. The package is bulky, and then the product is in this teeny little tube inside. It’s pretty damn wasteful and very deceiving  I won’t be buying the lip butter again for that reason, good color pay off or not.
Colors are also pretty generic, but I was impressed with the number of pink shades, but unimpressed with the options of other colors.
On a final note about the lip butters, the top is pretty hard to get off, which is and isn’t a bad thing. It’s nice to know the top won’t come loose in your purse, but if you have trouble opening things you’re going to find this to be a pain.


Knockout Volumizing Mascara

Lastly, I picked up the Lash Knockout Volumizing Mascara in Black..which I got by accident. I had wanted the brown one as I am seriously lacking in brown mascara.

Mascara Color Swatch

Mascara Color Swatch

The mascara smells like mascara, which was a relief. The formula is pretty generic, I didn’t notice anything super special about it upon application. It goes on easily and smoothly.
I noticed when it gets on your skin, it’s easily removed by gently brushing it away with your finger tips, and smears very little. This is a bonus. The Lash Knockout does what it claims, it does make your lashes thicker and longer, with a noticeable difference from your bare lashes. It also doesn’t clump your lashes together, so that’s pretty great too.
I didn’t notice any serious flaking through the day! So this is a serious bonus…I really hate when my mascara flakes.
Removal is easy, but please note…I didn’t purchase a waterproof mascara, so keep that in mind.
Prices for the Mascaras run about average or a bit below for most drug-store brands coming in at about 8 dollars.

So my final thoughts…
Over all the price is good for the product, except for the Lip Butters. I really wish there was more product to be had for your dollar.
Packaging is adorable.
The quality of the line is very good, I was super impressed with it.
I was floored by the quality of the nail polish! Worth every damn penny!
So, buy the polish, pass on the lip butter, and if you need a new mascara and are looking for a cruelty free product, this is a great option but only buy if you’re needing a new mascara…
But seriously…A+++ on the polishes! Did I mention that yet??

Back! With a Review! SauceBox Cosmetics


Hey there world!! So yea, I uh…yea. I’ve been pretty damn busy. October is usually one of those crazy months for a dancer around here, and then there was an awesome vacation, and a bunch of other stuff.

One of the reasons I haven’t updated with nail arts of the month is because I’ve felt pretty damn uninspired by the polish collections that have come out lately. I don’t know, just…bleh. I feel like everything’s been done before and I’m rather disenchanted. I did pick up some new polishes while on vacation from the Fergie Wet n Wild collection, but I didn’t do much with them and was a bit disappointed with the Dutchess color….aaaaanywho…

I finally feel inspired enough to do a blog post! I had a blast this Black Friday, celebrating from my couch and only fighting internet traffic. Although, I did learn a lesson…don’t shop online exhausted! I could barely remember everything I ordered!!

Shadow SwatchesCaramella, Russian Rouge, and Neon Yellow. No base.

Shadow Swatches
Caramella, Russian Rouge, and Neon Yellow. No base.

Anywho, I’ve been eyeing Sauce Box Cosmetics for some time, and following them on Facebook. When I saw they were having a Black Friday sale and many of their products were 50% off plus free shipping…? Hello! I decided it was time to give them a try!!


I’m SOOOO glad I did!!! I’m not glad I didn’t order more!! Ug! Sometimes I hate being cautious. I won’t buy full sized things until I get to try a brand…Hell, I wouldn’t even buy an Urban Decay liner set before I tried a sample pencil for myself…much to the chagrin of the sales man. (Sorry, I’ll pay 12 bucks for a duel ended black and brow, not 38 for a full set of colors I may never use or like!)

What caught my attention was that SauceBox offers a matte red. Like a REAL red. Not a burgundy, or a pink-rose. Red. Red shadows are so flippin hard to find, even more so when they’re matte. All swatches are on bare skin, no base.

Russian Rouge

Russian Rogue is a smooth matte finished red. On the site, it looks just plain red, but in person there are very VERY sparse flecks of gold glitter in it. They’re barely noticeable and down show up in swatches at all, you really have to squint and move it around in the light to see it. The staying power of Russian Rogue is INCREDIBLE! I tested this by swatching it on my wrist and going to dance class.

Over 12 hours later!

Over 12 hours later!

Not only did it stay through class and on the way there and back (With a hoodie cuff rubbing on it for 90min) but it stayed on ALL NIGHT. I LOVE THIS SHADOW!!!


Caramella was the second shadow I nabbed. I’ve been in the market for a bold matte brown, and this little baby didn’t disappoint! Similar to the Russian Rogue, it had really amazing staying power. It too lasted through the night, but not quite as boldly as the red. I was still very VERY impressed with this shadow!


The last of my picks was Neon Yellow. Like most neon colors, this formula is a little chalky but over all not bad at all. It could benefit from a base like NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. Not only will this help smooth the shadow, but it will also make the color show more true (which is true with all neon colors!). This had the least sticking power, which didn’t surprise me, being a neon pigment and all.


They were super nice, and included a mascara in the box! I love the formula  doesn’t clump and doesn’t bother my eyes OR flake!! I have a lot of problems wearing mascaras to be honest, and I’m very picky about them. Most give me a headache, so I love when I can find one that not only is pain free for me, but doesn’t flake at all. So happy about this, at the end of the day I didn’t look like a raccoon at all! The applicator was super…well…sproingy! I just a huge kick out of it. It’s sort of awesome!



The packaging is super adorable, and it arrived in a neon pink box which just made me grin.

Shipping is reasonable, and fast too! I’ll totally be reordering from them in the future!

Check them out at!

Fab and Fail February



Getting this in JUST in time to still be February!!

Here’s my list of things I’m digging this month…

1. Spoiled by Wet n Wild’s Did I Dye It Too Blonde

Great Color. Great Wear. Amazing Deal for your dollar.

BH 120 Pallet First Edition

BH 120 Pallet First Edition

2. BH Cosmetic’s 120 Classic Pallet.

Great Color Pay off, Great deal!! Secure shipping!

3. Mystique Product’s Sage and Rosemary Bar Shampoo for Dark Hair.

Keeps hair healthy, no residue, all natural. I’m praying and praying they’re going to restock their etsy shop! If they don’t I’m not sure what I’m going to do! Maybe cry a little?

Turbie Twist!!!

Turbie Twist!!!

4. The Turbie Twist

Corny? Yes it is. But I love them. Great for after shower, or just to keep your hair up and off the back of your neck quickly and easily.

Magnetix Gold and Blue

Magnetix Gold and Blue

5. Magnetix by Pretty Woman LLC in Gold…love the polish, not the magnet. Use another brand’s magnet, or trim down the one that came with it.

My list of disses…

Lovely Brows

Beautiful Brows

1. Beautiful Brows, Parmatown Mall.

I was very torn on whether or not I liked this place. I’ve decided not. While the hair removal was very fast and only slightly painful, the customer service was seriously lacking, and she didn’t get all the hairs. Brow Threading is supposed to be known for complete hair removal, even those teeny tiny little baby hairs. It’s why it’s becoming so popular.

Now, that being said…I am willing to give this place a try again and maybe I will have better results with another worker. The one I encountered didn’t want to be bothered and was seriously annoyed at the idea of having ONE customer. Seriously, the place was dead and had been dead all afternoon.

Magnetic Polishes

Magnetic Polishes

2. Claire’s Magnetix Polish in Silver and Gold.

I like the green!

I was very unimpressed with the results after using the magnet…and I know it’s not the power of the magnet, it works just fine on other polishes!!

Illegal Length Mascara

Illegal Length Mascara

3. Maybelline’s Illegal Length Mascara

It flaked, it fell off, it made my head hurt, and my lashes were in no way running the risk of being arrested for too much length.