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Holiday Nail Art: Round 3 and 4


Two for one special! Mostly because Round 3 didn’t last too long before it started chipping….sad-face.

Round Two-

X-Mas tree on a blue background with colored tips.

Polish Used:

Green- China Glaze- Holidaze under Sinful Colors Call You Later (Glitter), Blue- Sinful Colors (Gel Tech Shine) in Skinny Dipping, White- Wet n Wild Wild Shine in French White Creme, Gold Star- Sally Hanson Salon Complete in 310- Guilty Pleasure, and last the thin red lines/dots Sinful Colors Nail Art in Pretty Cool.


Yikes….lots of colors. This was the last manicure I did with my really long nails. After this started chipping, I trimmed them down to a more manageable length, no more hitting two keys at a time while typing! Here’s the finished nail art…

100_3473 100_3474


Nail art 4, which is on my nails as I type I defiantly love. It’s super sparkly, and I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on it in the short time I’ve had it on…It might have something to do with the fact that my nails are all perfectly the same length right now, having cut them down…but maybe…I’m not sure.

This one is a red and green glitter fade into a nude. I used both polish and cosmetic glitter to obtain this, as strangely enough I’m lacking a red clear base glitter in my collection…no seriously! I was pretty shocked!

Colors Used-

Base-China Glaze- Love letters, Greens- China Glaze- Holidaze and Sinful Colors Call You Later, Red- China Glaze Pointsettia and LA Splash Cosmetics Glitter Splash in Starlight Red (Cosmetic Glitter, not polish)

I painted just the very tip a solid color, then sponged up about a quarter of the way before covering the nail with the glitter to create the ombre glitter effect.


I really really love how the finished product turned out. One of my favorite things about glitter tips is how long it lasts. I should be able to get a week plus wear out of this mani if I choose to…however there’s so much more to do before the end of the month! Anywho, here’s the finished product.


Holiday Nail Art: Round 2 Candy Cane Swirls


I’m not really sure how I feel about this one. When I thought up the idea, I felt it’d be a fun different candy cane design, and I don’t know, in practice I’m not sure I’m digging it. I think it’s the thumb that’s bugging me the most, but I haven’t quite narrowed it down yet. Either way, I figured I’d document this.

Polish Used:

Base- China Glaze: Love Letters


Design- White- Wet n Wild Wild Shine- French White Creme, Green-China Glaze Holly-Day (From 2012 Holiday Collection I believe), and Red- China Glaze- Pointsettia (2012 Holiday Collection as well).


Holiday Nails: Frozen


First holiday nails of December!! I love how this frozen-tipped mani turned out. I really feel like it’s snow-covered. I had a bit of difficulty getting the ombre effect right on this one, mostly because the shift from blue to white needed to be quick. I achieved this by using a solid white base, then at the cuticle placing the blue and blotching it towards the white. About halfway down I used a sheer paler blue, then dabbed in more white. Topped with a multi-sized circle glitter and BAM! I really love this. Not only is it “winter holiday” appropriate, but it’s also Frozen themed appropriate…and it matches the white and blue holiday decore on my desk at work! HA!

My nails are so long right now, I’m not use to them. I’m very torn between cutting them down, and leaving them long. They’re such great canvases right now!! I feel almost bad cutting them with all the adorable holiday inspiration about! It’s getting harder to type though…so they may be getting a trim.

For some reason, this was not the easiest nail art to photograph, and no matter what I tried, it just didn’t take well. That makes me sad, in person this is so so pretty!

Polishes Used:

Wet n Wild- Wild Shine in French White Creme, China Glaze-Make a Spectacle (Glitter), December to Remember (2014 Holiday, Sheer Blue), So Blue Without You (2013 Holiday, brighter blue)

100_3467 100_3463

100_3455 100_3456

Fashion February! Part 2!


Happy V-day (well one day early!!)

So that being said, here’s the manicure I donned to work Wednesday to celebrate the day…you know, since I wouldn’t be working on V-Day it’s self! An ombre neon pink to red with heavily glitter tips that remind me of ruby slippers. Colors use are as followed: Pointsettia (China Glaze), Pagent, and then Anime by OCC Cosmetics. Tips are a red cosmetic grade glitter, set with three coats of Seche Vete Quickdry Top Coat.



Oddly enough, I hadn’t even thought to change my nails to a V-day mani until Tuesday night. Bleh…oh well.

On to fashion!



Here’s Saturday’s look. I found the short kaftan at Ross for 2.99, and figured…Why not? Again, more laid back for weekend work, comfortable and easy to wear. I get a lot of compliments on this, which was a relief. I wasn’t sure how it would be taken at work, but people seem to love it. Paired with jean-leggings from Wal-Mart for 12.99 and my vintage clogs.


100_3296 100_3298

Sunday Fashion…which I think ended up being more dressy than Saturdays somehow? I bought the t-shirt about a year ago from Threadless.com, it’s a great site for one of a kind artist made t-shirts at various price points. If you keep a close eye on them, you can score some seriously unique and beautiful t-shirts. I’m always a bit self conscious wearing this siren shirt. It’s kinda tight, and the cut off sleeves and V-neck leave my shoulders pretty exposed, which can be a problem for me because of my PCOS and what it does to my skin. I paired it here with a flowy jersey-knit sweater to cover up a bit, and make it more work appropriate. On the bottom a pair of jeans, relaxed fit and cuffed at the bottom. Wore this with my airwalk sandals.

100_3299 100_3300


Monday! My hump-DAY!! Flowing sheer black blouse over a navy blue long tight fitting cami, paired with my aaaaaaawesome galaxy leggings and favorite grey wedges!! Black sheer blouse was purchased at walmart for about 15 dollars. Navy lace-trimmed cami was purchased at a close out store called Gabriel Brothers for about 2 dollars. Leggings came from ebay for about 5 bucks, and shoes were purchased from Torrid, I believe for around 30 on sale.

The leggings I purchased for a dance event last year, and I’m actually getting a lot of use out of them now. These were also a big hit at work. I was thinking of possibly getting another pair soon in a different color family.




Tuesday…my weekly black and white outfit! This skirt has been dubbed “The Tim Burton Skirt” by my co-worker Amanda Z. I love this skirt, it’s SO comfortable…but it makes my thighs sweat…TMI, I know. Skirt was purchased at It’s Fashion on clearance for 6 dollars. Paired with a white high-low sweater from the same store, was 12.99. Tank top from Lane Bryant, purchased at an outlit shop for 15 dollars.




And here’s my final outfit of the week…High-low jersey knit dress in navy blue with plunging V-neck and black patnent-leather belted accent. I had some serious doubts when I found this dress at Ross. I never thought this style with the belt was flattering, but since it was only 8 dollars, I decided to try it on and was happily surprised at how flattering it was, so it came home from Ross with me. Since the neckline is so deep, I pair it with a bandeaux. Wednesday I wore it with a grey lace trimmed bandeau to match my grey wedges. Since it’s chilly here (very chilly yesterday when I left work!) I decided to layer my black leggings, which match the black in the belt. Bandeaux was purchased at Gabriel brothers for 3 dollars, leggings at the same for 5.


I’m starting to realize as I piece these together, I have far too good of a memory regarding where I guy things and how much they cost me…it’s sort of scary really. lol

August Nails


I used no white…the white bottle is a lie… Checkered Nail art. Jessie’s Girl in Fierce and Fab(neon purple) and China Glaze’s Kinetic Candy.

Simple tip…which I’ve done before. Dress Me Up by China Glaze with a tip of Catch Me In Your Net by OPI.

What did I do when I got home from Pennsic?? Painted my nails and ate the rest of my stash of Macarons!!! Light to dark blue fade.

China Glaze’s new Bohemian Collection in Deavently Daring…It looked more duo-chrome in the bottle, but it is still pretty, very. I picked up the little stars at Five Below.

This is mostly from the new Revlon Moon Candy collection, with the accent nail from China Glaze- Hook n Line from the Hunger Games collection. I really really dislike the base color that comes with the duo polish. This duo is called Cosmic. The base is a green-brown color, and it takes 3 coats to get it that opaque. It’s a color that I describe as “If farts had a color, this would be it.” The top layer is a limey-yellow flaky which I really love over anything but the green-farts color.

Pagan Pride 2012 nails…I wanted to do purple to represent Spirit…Purple is the Pride color, so hey. It seemed to work…I used a Profusion no name color for the dark purple, and the lavender is Lilacism by Essie. Top coat is from the Revlon Moon Candy collection in Cosmic.


Lastly…we have Deavently Daring by China glaze with tips of LA Splash cosmetic glitter. The name escapes me on this one, as the sticker on the bottom has come off the little pot. But it’s a black/grey silvery glitter, and I love it.


Mid-Summer Nails!!!


Oi! Been awhile since I’ve posted anything beauty related…ug. June was a crazy month…full of road trips, dancing, and love! Ah love…makes me do crazy things like neglect my blog!! But…anywho…trying to catch up on things…here’s what I’ve been doing nail wise over the past few weeks!! (Minus an unfortunate classic french mani I was completely unhappy with…but like I said…love makes you do crazy things!)

Poolside Lemonade

I just love and adore this color combo. Something about the teals and the yellow scream striped bikini and lemonade! The stripes on the nail tips were a bit of a pain, but worth it I think! Yellow is Sunshine Pop from China Glaze. Pale Aqua is Kinetic Candy from China Glaze, darker Aqua is Fly by OPI.

4th of July

My Mani for the 4th of July! I wasn’t completely happy with the darkness of the blue, wish it was a tad lighter. Blue is Starstruck by 10, Red is Pointsettia by China Glaze, and white is Whirlwind White by Sally Hansen Insta-Dry.

Pistachio Mani

Pistachio French-Mani

Is it me…or does Zoya’s Charla look exactly like OPI’s Catch Me in Your Net? Sparkly teal is Charla by Zoya, Green/Yellow is Pistachio by Fresh Paint (found at 5 Below).

Water's Depths

Water’s Depths

I wanted this to look like water getting deeper and deeper…Aqua fade with Lux and Lush at the tips for that shiny water effect. Thumb is- Kinetic Candy by China Glaze. Next is Mint Condition by Ulta. Middle Finger is Fly by OPI over Kinetic Candy. Ring finger is Fly, Pinky Finger is Fly over Wet Cement by Wet n Wild Megalast.

Faded Aqua Mani

Gradient Aqua French-Mani

This is what I call “reserved” lol. I did this for the Known World Dance Music and Dance Symposium. French tip style with an aqua fade. Brown/Grey color is Wet Cement by Wet n Wild. The Aqua Gradient is the same as the above.



I had a reason for doing this…and now I can’t recall what it was….hate when that happens. Colors are inverted on the thumb and ring finger. Browm/Grey is Fois Gras by China Glaze, pale blue is Sneak Peek by Revlon Nail Art French Mix. Dots are Sneak Peek, Whirlwind White by Sally Hansen Insta-Dry and Fois Gras.

Spring/Summer Nail Art

Minty Tips

Minty Tips

I just love love LOVE Fast Track by China Glaze. I wasn’t sure I was going to like this pinky-nude at first, but the micro gold glitter just makes my little heart sing. I paired this lovely light nude with I Need a Refresh-Mint by Wet n Wild for a fun refreshing minty-french tip.


Sailor Stripes Fade

Sailor Stripes Fade

I was inspired by the blog Polish You Pretty for this one. I added more stripes to my manicure to better show off the fade under the black stripes. I got many MANY compliments on this manicure. I plan to make this my first nail-art video tutorial! Products I used, in order: 02 Whirlwind White by Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, 340 Mint Sorbet by Sally HansenXtreme Wear, 947 Mint Apple by Sinful Colors, NL N14 Fly, Nikki Minaj collection by OPI, and 242A Black Cream by Wet n Wild.


Spider Man

Spider Man…Spider Man..does whatever a spider can…

Just picked up the main color in this mani from the Spiderman Collection by OPI. It’s called Just Spotted the Lizard and is a crazy metallic Gold/Green/Teal/Copper. I can’t believe I almost passed this one up! The accent finger is Orly’s Galaxy Girl, it’s a duo-chrome holo glitter that flashes  from a rich plum to a blue-teal.


Nail Art and Polish Review!


Oi! I’ve been so so so so busy lately!! And the summer shows no promise of slowing down for me until like July…and then only for a week or two! I guess I should be pretty grateful for being kept so busy.

Anywho…So has anyone else seen the new Border Nails trend? When I first saw a vlog/tutorial on it, I didn’t care for it much. The second one I saw, I liked a little bit better, and actually used that one on my own nails…but I’m still not sure if I actually like it. Maybe I haven’t found the right color combo?

Here’s what I’ve done thus far…

Border Art, Attempt 1

Border Art, Attempt 1

Here is the number one attempt…Red with a silver mini border around black…eeeeeh….I don’t know…The accent nail is silver with a black mini border around red. I’m not sure if it’s the color combo, if the silver was too bright and metallic, or if it was just the red that was bugging me. The manicure looked nice, it just wasn’t me. Red is Poinsettia from China Glaze Black is Lubu Heels from China Glaze, and the silver’s name escapes me. It’s from Sally Hansen’s X-Treme line.

Border Art Attempt 2

Border Art Attempt 2

So attempt 1 bugged me so much, I had to re-do it. I took out the mini border, and found a darker silver by OPI. I liked this a little bit more…I think around this point I decided it was the red that was bothering me. I’m just not a red polish type of gal.

Border Nails Attempt 3

Border Nails Attempt 3

I like this way more then the first two attempts, but I’m still not happy with it. Final conclusion is I just don’t think this new trend is for me. It’s very boxy and mod, and while it’s EXTREMELY easy nail art to do, it’s just NOT me. (Easy nail art- Paint entire nail. Take brush, paint in the middle part by doing 1 or 2 strokes of the middle color. Boom. Done.)

I am however digging the colors I used for Attempt 3. Both are from Wet n Wild’s newest Megalast collection, and might I say, I’m highly impressed! Both are dupes for China Glaze colors, both I love and both I don’t own myself! Ha!

The colors I used were I Need a Refresh-Mint and Wet Cement. Both cost me a whole $1.23 each…well…when you count the coupons I used, they each cost me 23 cents. SCORE!!! You can find the coupon in this week’s junk mail that came out on Tuesday.

I Need a Refresh-Mint is a dupe for China Glaze’s For Audrey. It’s a pretty Tiffany Blue. I’d been on the fence about getting For Audrey for some time now, I own a ton of teals and sea-foam colors, but for 23 cents? Yes, I was going to get this polish.

Wet Cement is a dupe for China Glaze’s Foie Gras from the Hunger Games collection…of which I LOVE. It’s a brown-toned grey color, and while it doesn’t sound appealing, it’s very sophisticated and mature, but still has an edgy attitude.

I really like these polishes, they go on smooth, and the brush is nice. They’re rich but not thick, and the color pay off is awesome. For the $1.23 price tag (prices vary, I got mine at Marc’s) they are completely worth it…however I wasn’t impressed with the colors offered in the line as a whole. It may have just been the store I was at, but they didn’t offer a large array of colors. I’m hoping that changes in the future, or I find a better selection at another store.

I Need a Refresh-Mint over Wet Cement by Wet n Wild

I Need a Refresh-Mint over Wet Cement by Wet n Wild

Review: Nabi Magnetc Nail Poilish



So Friday night after getting some Thai food, I stopped into Walgreen’s to break a 20 for my change till for Qaina. I figured, I’d buy something small like a 2 dollar nail polish and that’d be that…well…course not!

Walking in, I found a rather large display of a new magnetic polish by a company called Nabi.

What attracted me was the fact that a lot of the colors were vibrant and didn’t have that chunky glitter in it that I’m not a fan of…yay! I fell for the blue/teal and green, but since I have been burned by magnetic polishes in the past, I just picked up the blue/teal (47-300, no names unfortunately.)

Nabi Magnetic Polish- 47-300

Nabi Magnetic Polish- 47-300

Alright, so I first played with this while skyping with a friend, and in retrospect, that may not have been the most fantastic idea ever…still..

My first impression was this polish smelled BAD. And I don’t mean like a normal polish smell…no this smells like really cheap rubbery kid’s polish. The really low quality stuff. The scent is VERY strong, and doesn’t go away when dried. It does become a lot less noticeable when you put on a top coat.

I played around with the magnet and polish…

I don’t care for the magnet at all. it’s pretty weak and didn’t really do anything. Also, the bottle design is lacking. The magnet is built into the cap, which means you have to close the bottle after every application. You can try using it with the cap only and the brush out, but it’ hard to handle and you run the risk of the polish drying/caking on the brush. (Fast drying in thin coats) Also, the magnet is just flat with no “lip” to line up on your cuticle. This seems like a small problem, but that little lip REALLY helps to keep the magnet from touching your wet nail.



This polish chips like mad. I didn’t put a top coat on before going to bed, and when I got up it had already started chipping. I got up and used the bathroom once and washed my hands once before returning to bed. That’s all.

I also wasn’t impressed at first with the magnetic properties…but I decided to try again in the morning.

Fast forward 8 hours…

Nabi vs.Clare's Magnetix

Nabi vs.Clare's Magnetix

I decided to go ahead and use the China Glaze Magnet as it was much easier to use then the magnet provided. You can see the huge difference between Nabi (blue/teal) and Claire’s Magnetix (Green).

I did manage to get the Nabi’s magnetic effect to show much better with the China Glaze magnet, but still…seems like a mute point for most of the world that doesn’t have 10 million polishes and magnets sitting around, right? It still seems lacking compared to Claire’s, see the star design on my thumb compared to the star on the green?

I’m still complaining…I’ll get to something good sooner or later…

So besides all that, this takes FOREVER to dry. One thin coat dries quick, but the magnets have no effect on it. Like all it’s magnetic polish cousins, you need to glop this on to get it to work…and it takes ages to dry.

This stains SOOOOO bad. Use a base coat and any smudges left on your skin from removing srub off with polish remover quickly, otherwise you’ll end up with stained skin.

This dries to a patent-leather type finish, which I kinda do like. I don’t like the fact it feels like you’ll take a chunk out of the polish if it catches on something.

I DO really REALLY like to color. It looks more blue in the bottle, but dries to a lovely rich deep teal which I would wear w/o fussing with the magnets.

When a top-coat goes on, it just shines so lovely.

The price is really good at 3.99 per bottle.

So there you go. If you want to invest some time, this is an okay product. Okay, but not fantastic.


Victorian Glitter…And Yea…


The Yea Part:

Sorry I haven’t been very active lately. The people who follow me on Facebook know the story, so I’m not going to explain things in this blog, it’s not what it’s for. Let me just say that I suffered a major tragedy in my life (Not a understatement…) and I’ve been trying to push forward, and that being said, the blog got put on the back burner while I crammed to get hair accessories and jewelry done in time for Qaina (which was yesterday!). I’m hoping to have more time to post now…So woo-hoo! That being said…

Qaina Nail Art

Qaina Nail Art

Here is my nail art from the Belly Dance event Qaina. I’ve named it Victorian Glitter because of the soft pink. My costume turned out rather steam-punk, which wasn’t completely my intention. The soft pink, grey, and cream just sort of screamed Victorian Era.

Polishes Used:

China Glaze: Dress Me Up (Hunger Games Collection)

Cosmetic Grade Glitter

Sally Hansen’s Mega Shine Top Coat