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Holiday Nail Art: Round 3 and 4


Two for one special! Mostly because Round 3 didn’t last too long before it started chipping….sad-face.

Round Two-

X-Mas tree on a blue background with colored tips.

Polish Used:

Green- China Glaze- Holidaze under Sinful Colors Call You Later (Glitter), Blue- Sinful Colors (Gel Tech Shine) in Skinny Dipping, White- Wet n Wild Wild Shine in French White Creme, Gold Star- Sally Hanson Salon Complete in 310- Guilty Pleasure, and last the thin red lines/dots Sinful Colors Nail Art in Pretty Cool.


Yikes….lots of colors. This was the last manicure I did with my really long nails. After this started chipping, I trimmed them down to a more manageable length, no more hitting two keys at a time while typing! Here’s the finished nail art…

100_3473 100_3474


Nail art 4, which is on my nails as I type I defiantly love. It’s super sparkly, and I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on it in the short time I’ve had it on…It might have something to do with the fact that my nails are all perfectly the same length right now, having cut them down…but maybe…I’m not sure.

This one is a red and green glitter fade into a nude. I used both polish and cosmetic glitter to obtain this, as strangely enough I’m lacking a red clear base glitter in my collection…no seriously! I was pretty shocked!

Colors Used-

Base-China Glaze- Love letters, Greens- China Glaze- Holidaze and Sinful Colors Call You Later, Red- China Glaze Pointsettia and LA Splash Cosmetics Glitter Splash in Starlight Red (Cosmetic Glitter, not polish)

I painted just the very tip a solid color, then sponged up about a quarter of the way before covering the nail with the glitter to create the ombre glitter effect.


I really really love how the finished product turned out. One of my favorite things about glitter tips is how long it lasts. I should be able to get a week plus wear out of this mani if I choose to…however there’s so much more to do before the end of the month! Anywho, here’s the finished product.


Holiday Nails: Frozen


First holiday nails of December!! I love how this frozen-tipped mani turned out. I really feel like it’s snow-covered. I had a bit of difficulty getting the ombre effect right on this one, mostly because the shift from blue to white needed to be quick. I achieved this by using a solid white base, then at the cuticle placing the blue and blotching it towards the white. About halfway down I used a sheer paler blue, then dabbed in more white. Topped with a multi-sized circle glitter and BAM! I really love this. Not only is it “winter holiday” appropriate, but it’s also Frozen themed appropriate…and it matches the white and blue holiday decore on my desk at work! HA!

My nails are so long right now, I’m not use to them. I’m very torn between cutting them down, and leaving them long. They’re such great canvases right now!! I feel almost bad cutting them with all the adorable holiday inspiration about! It’s getting harder to type though…so they may be getting a trim.

For some reason, this was not the easiest nail art to photograph, and no matter what I tried, it just didn’t take well. That makes me sad, in person this is so so pretty!

Polishes Used:

Wet n Wild- Wild Shine in French White Creme, China Glaze-Make a Spectacle (Glitter), December to Remember (2014 Holiday, Sheer Blue), So Blue Without You (2013 Holiday, brighter blue)

100_3467 100_3463

100_3455 100_3456

Mid-Summer Nails!!!


Oi! Been awhile since I’ve posted anything beauty related…ug. June was a crazy month…full of road trips, dancing, and love! Ah love…makes me do crazy things like neglect my blog!! But…anywho…trying to catch up on things…here’s what I’ve been doing nail wise over the past few weeks!! (Minus an unfortunate classic french mani I was completely unhappy with…but like I said…love makes you do crazy things!)

Poolside Lemonade

I just love and adore this color combo. Something about the teals and the yellow scream striped bikini and lemonade! The stripes on the nail tips were a bit of a pain, but worth it I think! Yellow is Sunshine Pop from China Glaze. Pale Aqua is Kinetic Candy from China Glaze, darker Aqua is Fly by OPI.

4th of July

My Mani for the 4th of July! I wasn’t completely happy with the darkness of the blue, wish it was a tad lighter. Blue is Starstruck by 10, Red is Pointsettia by China Glaze, and white is Whirlwind White by Sally Hansen Insta-Dry.

Pistachio Mani

Pistachio French-Mani

Is it me…or does Zoya’s Charla look exactly like OPI’s Catch Me in Your Net? Sparkly teal is Charla by Zoya, Green/Yellow is Pistachio by Fresh Paint (found at 5 Below).

Water's Depths

Water’s Depths

I wanted this to look like water getting deeper and deeper…Aqua fade with Lux and Lush at the tips for that shiny water effect. Thumb is- Kinetic Candy by China Glaze. Next is Mint Condition by Ulta. Middle Finger is Fly by OPI over Kinetic Candy. Ring finger is Fly, Pinky Finger is Fly over Wet Cement by Wet n Wild Megalast.

Faded Aqua Mani

Gradient Aqua French-Mani

This is what I call “reserved” lol. I did this for the Known World Dance Music and Dance Symposium. French tip style with an aqua fade. Brown/Grey color is Wet Cement by Wet n Wild. The Aqua Gradient is the same as the above.



I had a reason for doing this…and now I can’t recall what it was….hate when that happens. Colors are inverted on the thumb and ring finger. Browm/Grey is Fois Gras by China Glaze, pale blue is Sneak Peek by Revlon Nail Art French Mix. Dots are Sneak Peek, Whirlwind White by Sally Hansen Insta-Dry and Fois Gras.

Polish Haulin! Nicole by OPI and Spoiled

OPI and Spoiled

OPI and Spoiled

Is it really considered a “Haul” when most of it was gifted? Eh…whatever.

Whenever I’m feeling blue, my mother makes it better by buying me nail polish! And well, CVS has had a sale on their Spoiled line 1.50 each with their in store card! Woo-hoo!

In the line up, Left to Right and Back to Front we have…

Nicole by OPI-  Turquoise Texture, Rainbow in the S-Kylie (Kardashian Collection), and Love Your Life.

Spoiled- Jewelry Heist, Shuffle the Deck, My Saturn Broke Down, and Permission to Proceed

Glitter Swatches

Glitter Swatches

Rainbow in the S-Kylie, Shuffle the Deck, Jewelry Heist, My Saturn Broke Down, Love Your Life

So just a heads up…the Nicole OPI Turquoise Texture (Shatter/Crackle) is the same as the regular OPI Turquoise Texture. The only thing I can see different on my nail wheel is their crackle pattern, and if you’ve played with shatter/crackle polishes, you know that’s not even a for sure thing. (Some polishes have large patches with a few crackles, other’s shatter all over the place.) Nicole’s patter crackles, with bigger chunks of crackle polish…maybe. I’d need to do many swatches and compare the two to be sure.

Rainbow in the S-Klyie surprised me. I hadn’t planned on getting any of the Kardashian collection, but since it was a gift I wasn’t going to send it back. I do like it, quite a bit in comparison to the other polishes in the collection that I found dull. This is chock-full of rainbow glitters with larger hexagon shaped glitters. It reminds me of a birthday party in a bottle. I like it a lot, and I’m sure I’ll be using it over other polishes in the future. It’s so fun and festive. It’s strait glitter, no iridescent sheen, just strait up solid colored glitter.The base polish is clear.

Love Your Life is a iridescent glitter with large pink hearts in a clear base. It looks like a sheer pink base in the bottle, but it’s not. I’m…m’eh about this one. It’s cute for Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day, or an Anniversary Dinner or something like that. The glitter doesn’t really pack much of a punch, and is barely there when swatched.

Shuffle the Deck is a chunky glitter topper, although I’m sure it could be worn on it’s own. Clear base polish. Non-iridescent glitter in Black, Red, and Silver.

Jewelry Heist is a little different then Shuffle the Deck. It has the same hexagon glitter chunks but in Pink and Silver with the addition of smaller Green, Silver, and Blue jewel toned baby glitter flecks.

Now for the odd one out…My Saturn Broke Down. Iridescent glitter flecks that flash blue, silver, green, and teal in a jelly base of blue with even smaller flecks of silver glitter. This is one of those polishes that will never be opaque, so don’t try. It’s meant to be sheer and wet looking.

Lastly…There isn’t too much to say about Permission to Proceed. It’s a matte Neon Green. The thing with neon colors, is they’ll always be rather sheer unless you use a base coat of white, so I suggest doing just that.