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New Year New Me!


So, I’ve been reading a book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. A dance friend turned me onto it.

It takes a motto I’ve been living by for the past couple of years, and turns it up. This book is amazing, and it works! I already feel so much less stressed out, and I want to keep going. 2012 is going to be a year of good things and change, because I said so.

Onto something beauty related. My New Year’s Resolution is to take better care of my skin. I want to be 40 and have people think I’m in my 20s, and if I want that, it needs to start now.

I bought an Olay cleanser brush, which is very much like a Clarasonic, but not rechargeable, and the brush head looks a little smaller, and well…it’s not sending sonic pulses into my skin. Other then that, by watching reviews of the Clarasonic, I really cant see any other major differences. It has 2 speeds, just like the Clarasonic, and is water-proof, just like the Clarasonic, and is even SHAPED like the Clarasonic (a bit smaller, but close). So for 30 bucks, I went with Olay as opposed to the 130+ it would have cost me to get a Clarasonic.

Now, I’ve entered a contest to -win- a Clarasonic, in the event I do get it, fantastic. I can do a comparison, and pass the one I don’t like off to my husband (Who actually does like and use the Olay one! lol)

So my new skin regemin is this:

Use Olay Cleansing Brush with Clinique Facial Soap, alternated with the Olay exfoliating cream.

Then use L’oreal Youth Code Eye Cream and Day/Night cream.

I love this line of products, and I’ve used them before. The Eye Cream helps to dramaticly reduce under-eye circles and puffiness, and makes lines vanish with in 2 weeks. I’ve noticed that paired with the use of the Cleansing Brush, the discoloration and puffiness I’ve had seem to be vanishing even faster…I’m going to assume that’s because of the gentle massage of the brush moving the blood around and getting it circulating.

In the mornings, I use Clinique’s New Clarifying Lotion Number 3 (which isn’t a lotion at all. O_o ) followed by L’oreal Youth Code SPF 30 Day Lotion if I’m going to be outdoors at all. If it’s an Inside All Day Never See The Sun sort of day, I skip this step.

I’ve been doing this for 5 days now, and can already see a dramatic difference in my skin.

I’ve also switched back to using Natural Shampoo Bars, from Mystique Products (find them on etsy, or mystiqueproducts.com), as well as natural bar soaps. I’ll have a review on my newest order from them…which I’m VERY happy with!