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Fashion February! Part 2!


Happy V-day (well one day early!!)

So that being said, here’s the manicure I donned to work Wednesday to celebrate the day…you know, since I wouldn’t be working on V-Day it’s self! An ombre neon pink to red with heavily glitter tips that remind me of ruby slippers. Colors use are as followed: Pointsettia (China Glaze), Pagent, and then Anime by OCC Cosmetics. Tips are a red cosmetic grade glitter, set with three coats of Seche Vete Quickdry Top Coat.



Oddly enough, I hadn’t even thought to change my nails to a V-day mani until Tuesday night. Bleh…oh well.

On to fashion!



Here’s Saturday’s look. I found the short kaftan at Ross for 2.99, and figured…Why not? Again, more laid back for weekend work, comfortable and easy to wear. I get a lot of compliments on this, which was a relief. I wasn’t sure how it would be taken at work, but people seem to love it. Paired with jean-leggings from Wal-Mart for 12.99 and my vintage clogs.


100_3296 100_3298

Sunday Fashion…which I think ended up being more dressy than Saturdays somehow? I bought the t-shirt about a year ago from Threadless.com, it’s a great site for one of a kind artist made t-shirts at various price points. If you keep a close eye on them, you can score some seriously unique and beautiful t-shirts. I’m always a bit self conscious wearing this siren shirt. It’s kinda tight, and the cut off sleeves and V-neck leave my shoulders pretty exposed, which can be a problem for me because of my PCOS and what it does to my skin. I paired it here with a flowy jersey-knit sweater to cover up a bit, and make it more work appropriate. On the bottom a pair of jeans, relaxed fit and cuffed at the bottom. Wore this with my airwalk sandals.

100_3299 100_3300


Monday! My hump-DAY!! Flowing sheer black blouse over a navy blue long tight fitting cami, paired with my aaaaaaawesome galaxy leggings and favorite grey wedges!! Black sheer blouse was purchased at walmart for about 15 dollars. Navy lace-trimmed cami was purchased at a close out store called Gabriel Brothers for about 2 dollars. Leggings came from ebay for about 5 bucks, and shoes were purchased from Torrid, I believe for around 30 on sale.

The leggings I purchased for a dance event last year, and I’m actually getting a lot of use out of them now. These were also a big hit at work. I was thinking of possibly getting another pair soon in a different color family.




Tuesday…my weekly black and white outfit! This skirt has been dubbed “The Tim Burton Skirt” by my co-worker Amanda Z. I love this skirt, it’s SO comfortable…but it makes my thighs sweat…TMI, I know. Skirt was purchased at It’s Fashion on clearance for 6 dollars. Paired with a white high-low sweater from the same store, was 12.99. Tank top from Lane Bryant, purchased at an outlit shop for 15 dollars.




And here’s my final outfit of the week…High-low jersey knit dress in navy blue with plunging V-neck and black patnent-leather belted accent. I had some serious doubts when I found this dress at Ross. I never thought this style with the belt was flattering, but since it was only 8 dollars, I decided to try it on and was happily surprised at how flattering it was, so it came home from Ross with me. Since the neckline is so deep, I pair it with a bandeaux. Wednesday I wore it with a grey lace trimmed bandeau to match my grey wedges. Since it’s chilly here (very chilly yesterday when I left work!) I decided to layer my black leggings, which match the black in the belt. Bandeaux was purchased at Gabriel brothers for 3 dollars, leggings at the same for 5.


I’m starting to realize as I piece these together, I have far too good of a memory regarding where I guy things and how much they cost me…it’s sort of scary really. lol

Fashion February! Part1


Holy smokes! Yes, been ages…

I’ve finally found a job, one I’m really happy at, and really good at! It pays well too! Which means I have money to buy things again! I’ve been making some changes in my life, personality wise, and learning to let things go and move forward in life. So that being said, I’ve been revamping my wardrobe as well, and plan to purge a bunch of my clothing via yard or consignment sale…so much of it I just don’t wear anymore.

So, that means I’ve been bringing in a bunch of new items, and that sparked my idea for Fashion February! I’m really only going to be posting outfits for work. Most of them will be new, or new things I’ve mixed into my old wardrobe to add some new life to it.

1016320_10152207630462431_381486142_nOutfit number one! I love this top…the henna print is awesome, and I love the kaftan like cut. The fabric is light and flowly, and very stretchy it’s a spandex blend. I paid about seven dollars for the shirt at a store called Ross. The jeans I’ve owned for years and are paired with a vintage pair of brown clogs I’ve owned since 1996.

1610052_10152207630367431_563486783_nOutfit number two! Sunday wear…otherwise known as the “Why did I put on clothes to come to work today?” outfit day. Sundays at work are wonderful, there’s about 1/4th of the normal work population there, nearly no management, and it’s slow on the phones. I love Sundays, but often don’t feel motivated to do much of anything style wise in return. So I tend to go for comfort and simple. The jean-leggings are from Wal-Mart 10 dollars, the shoes are from Rainbow and were 15. The smock-top is from Ross and cost me a whole 5 dollars, and the vest is an up-cycled sweater from Deb.

1888566_10152207630297431_635277773_nSo by day three, I found my actual camera, and had the idea to start using my home mirror…which I need to clean. I’ve got today off, so that’s on my to do list before the next photo is taken! So let me just say…I LOVE THIS DRESS. How amazing is this dress? I mean seriously…I got this at Ross for 15 dollars. It’s comfortable, flattering, and the bottom flows nicely. The shoes are from It’s Fashion, purchased on clearance for 12 dollars…They’re super cute, but very uncomfortable. :/ I’m hoping to break them in or get gel pads for my feet. Dress is a nylon blend, and black and a slightly off white, although here it looks more white than it is.

100_3280Outfit Four…Tuesday. Feminine tea-stained lace skirt. I love how steampunk this skirt feels. Paired it with my black lace trimmed tank top from Lane Bryant and my upcycled vest and teal sandals….now, it was suppose to be 80 degrees this day, hence the bare arms…NO. Unclear as to what happened exactly…but holy geeze…I froze.

100_3284Wednesday Outfit…which is my Friday…and the last outfit for Part 1! The dress is from Torrid, which I bought on clearance at Gabrial Brothers. I’ve owned it for about a year now, and I just love it. I paired it with my new cropped white sweater from It’s Fashion (8 dollars on clearance) and a pair of brown leather Mary Janes from Fair Earth I bought at Wal-Mart for 20. Underneath is a white cami-style bra, and I’ve added a brown leather bracelet with copper accents.

100_3292Here’s a close up of the super cute sandals from Rainbow. 15 dollars or 2 for 25 I believe is the deal…I just got the one pair, which I’m now thinking I really should have sucked it up and gotten another…but since it was a new store, I didn’t want to jump the gun and assume they’d hold up. They’re fairly decent.

100_3293Here’s the close up from the black wedges I purchased from it’s Fashion…I’m…eh. I don’t hate them, but you’ll notice how they pick up every bit of dust. I’ve worn these once since buying them…I’m kinda sad…the Brand is called Bamboo, and I own another pair almost identical to these (flesh colored), and they’re more comfortable and wear better. Hm. I dunno.

Alrighty, so there you have it…My fashion finds of the south and the start of blogging again! I’ve got some mini-hauls coming up, and also a review of a newer-drugstore available hair line I’ve stumbled upon and rather like.

Being a Goddess Pt1


And by Goddess, I mean the sizing they sometimes use for plus sized dancers.

At one point in time, I liked how they used “Goddess”. Because what are Goddess known as? Things of beauty, grace, power…And then the term started to bother me. I’m not sure why…maybe because it was like the clothing makers and vendors were trying too hard to make bigger items sound more appealing to plus sized women? I don’t know. Or because when one thinks of a diety, they think of something that encompasses all…I mean…my ass is big, but I don’t think it encompasses the entire world.


I’ve never been small…Well…that’s not completely true. There was a time when I was about 7 that I was your average sized child. I think I’ve pinpointed that time in my life for when things started to change for me. With out giving away too much about my personal life, I’ll just say it’s when I started to really figure things out in my family. I remember something my Nana always used to say to me…”Have some more spaghetti. It’ll make you feel better.” and “You’ll feel better when you have something to eat.” If it wasn’t spaghetti, it was a devil dog, or a cupcake, or jello, or ice cream. Somehow I think that whole feed the pain to make it go away thing is what led to me being overweight and my food addictions.

My weight became a real issue in middle school. I think that was the real turning point. Even now when I’m depressed or sad or angry, I turn to food. It’s a constant struggle many of us are all too familiar with.

I’ve tried to loose weight more times then I can count. At least three times a year I try and go on some diet, that never really works. Or it does for a short time, and I gain it all back by the holidays. This year, no different. Although with all the stress in my life, I’ve managed to loose like 12lbs in a week…that coupled with the meds for my back, I was either on the verge of throwing up, or couldn’t keep anything in my body…anywho…

I’ve never let my weight hold me back. I’ve never had a problem dating, and I’ve always thought I was pretty confident…but still there’s times I step on stage even after dancing for going on 6 years, and I still think “I’m fat. And that’s what they’re going to see.”

A little known fact about me…I always feel like I have to try extra hard, be extra good, go the extra mile, have the best costumes, wear the best makeup, because if I’m not on the ball on all other points of dance, it just makes it all the more noticeable that I’m not a perfect wispy little thing.

I’m not looking for pity. I’m not. This is something I’ve worked through as a plus sized belly dancer since the minute I stepped into a dance class.

Somedays, I sit back and think “I wonder how amazing I could be if I just lost weight. People could see my ab work…would I be as amazing as Zoe Jakes? As Rachel Brice? If only I looked like they did?” I try hard to tell myself it doesn’t matter, but when I can feel my muscles move under my layer of pudge, I know the truth of it is…more then likely yes. I’d be an even better dancer if only I could knock off 30lbs.

So how do I get by? How does a plus sized dancer manage in a world where the sterotype is thin? Well…like most things in life…you learn to get the hell over yourself and push forward. If belly dance is what you love to do, then do it. Don’t let anyone stop you, and even though it’s hard, try not to let what people are thinking bother you…Easier said then done.

First, I think we all need to sit back, and open our eyes. Look at your dance sisters. We come in every shape, and every size. Next time you feel self conscious stepping onto a stage because of your figure, remember that odds are? You’re not the biggest girl in the room. And even if you are, so what? You’re fabulous. You’re fabulous because you’re getting up and showing a talent you’ve been working hard on.

Next, I think we need to know our flaws and learn to balance out our bodies if you’re uncomfortable with yourself. What do I mean? I think I’m trying to say that you need to find costumes that work for you, and makes you feel like a rock star. Dress for you. Wear what makes you happy both on stage and off.

Lets use my own body for an example of how I dress on stage to make myself happy.

I’ve no hips. I’ve never had hips. It’s like…Belly on sticks…with boobs. I’ve got a fantastic ass, and big boobs…but no hips. One of the things I do as a tribal dancer to make myself feel more comfortable is I build myself hips.

This is extreamly easy to do with tribal, gypsy, and any ATS style.

Ok…ready?? When wearing a skirt over pants, take the hem of your skirt on either side and tuck it into your belt. Example…

I feel like it helps make my waist look smaller, or at least gives me the curves I lack in the hip area. I feel like it balances my chest out. Am I right? I don’t care. My point is, it’s what works for ME.

So, that being said. Find a way that you can balance out your imperfections that works for you, and makes you feel good. You feel like your chest is small? Make yourself a tribal bra and pad it. We’re not going to tell. Feel like you’ve got no ass? Bustle your skirt or wraps in the back. You can use costumes to help build your ideal lines. Get creative. (I’ll go into more about this in pt 2)

Lastly…Find a way to get over yourself, and get yourself on stage. You are beautiful, and the world is waiting for you to dazzle them.

I’ve never had a bad reaction from the public. Not once. I’m always approached by women of all sizes and told how beautiful I am, and what a joy I am to watch. When you love your art, it’s beauty flows through you, and that’s what people see an connect with. I’m told I’m bold, and brave, I’ve never been told by an audience member I’m fat. And I hope that it’s because my performance put that thought out of their heads…even if it’s what they first thought.

But who cares? Fat is a physical description, it’s not a measure of your worth, beauty, or talent. It doesn’t make you less interesting to watch, or less of a performer.

My heart breaks a little when I hear women say they’d never have the confidence to get out there and perform. Belly dance is all about building your self confidence, and I’ll always understand when a dancer won’t get on stage and show off their hard work, but I still think it stinks. I think all women are lovely, and the world should see them dance proudly.

Just remember how beautiful you are.

Be Confident.

Be Bold.

Be a Rockstar.

And lastly, if you’re not sure on how to get over yourself? My advice is fake it till ya make it. Start saying how much you rock. When someone says “Hey, that was cool of you!” say “I know, I’m fabulous! Thanks!” and then laugh and smile. It lets them know you’re not really that full of yourself.  If you say something like that enough, you’ll start to believe yourself.