Monthly Archives: June 2013

Been Awhile


Uch, I know I know…I’ve been gone for ages.

Fact of it is, I’ve been in the process of moving about 898 miles to my new home in Southern, Georgia! It’s so far south if you go to the Florida border then go up three miles you’re there!

People from Ohio and elsewhere have told me about how miserable it is down here, how hot, how humid, how blah blah blah. It’s really not so bad, and it’s been between 85 and 90 this passed week with high humidity. No worse than Pennsics past. Since we’re right on the ocean we have gentle breezes and that helps a lot….or we have OMG WIND. Either way.

My passed week has been filled with moving trucks, bumps, scrapes, cuts, nail breaks, hair woes (Uch…softened water. ;_; ), bug bites, and adventure, but as terrible as all that sounds, it really hasn’t been -that- bad, and moving was pretty easy minus a flat tire and a fiasco in trying to turn around in a narrow parking lot with a trailer.

So that being said, look for posts again soon. Right now I’m trying to set up house and unpack. I’ll be a bit more productive and active online after everything is put away.