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Air Travel


So as far as exciting life things and beauty go, I’ve been fairly underwhelmed as of late. I’ve been working a lot, and have had some interesting life occurrences happen that sort of threw everything up into a tizzy.

As of today, I’m on vacation for a week…(did you hear the choir of angels? I just did…) and thus, i just finished with some very…entertaining travel stories.

Besides the fact two planes at two different airports were both having tech issues…that’s always super reassuring when you’re flying…seriously.

Other than that, I’ve realized there’s nothing quite like a flight to make you feel horrible about your body. Man I’ve never felt fatter, seriously. I swear to god, every time I fly, the seats are getting smaller and smaller. I mean, I haven’t gained any weight since the last time I flew, and…ugh. Man, thanks airlines for giving me some serious body image issues, which is upsetting, because normally I’m very self confident. Honestly, tho, I was stuck in the middle for the first round of my flights. I’m not bitching too much, or at least not trying to. I got my seats really cheap, and I understand that priceline more or less stuck me where they could…which uh…happened to be the middle.

I didn’t even have arm room, I mean, really?? Come on, people larger than me fly…people taller than me with bigger shoulders who weigh like 5lbs fly…how do they sit? how does anyone do anything on those planes? I had to sit cross armed the entire time…it was only 40 minutes, but seriously, unless you’re BFFs with the person next to you…? Um. No. Just…no. No. *sigh* What was worse was the lack of leg room. My legs aren’t that long, most of my height is in my torso, and my knees came to the back of the seats. I actually had to lay across the seats to get my bag under the seat in front of me.

Fun side note, when the young man in the windowseat came to claim his spot, I informed him we weren’t getting up, and he was going to have to climb over myself and the woman next to me. She started laughing and he was like “I’m game!” We stood up and let him in…although I wonder if he would have actually done it.

Another thing…what the hell is with people’s fashion at the airport??

There’s four types.

Trying too Hard.

I’m Here on Business


Seriously Too Little

The Trying too Hard are the people who (mostly women) are wearing short skirts and the like…These women wear heels…like 6 inch heels and attempt to walk quickly across the airport with little success. They get in people’s way, and make a show of themselves….entertaining and seriously? Just…just stop. No one cares what you look like, and everyone understands you’re traveling. 

I’m Here on Business are the people who are in suits and dresses and are clearly annoyed at having to travel in business attire because…ya know…business. It’s understandable why you’re dressed up, and we feel for you.

Reasonable people are the ones like me who don’t have any sort of travel expectations, we’re not expecting to find the loves of our lives or expect to run into the paparazzi in an airport, so we’ve dressed comfortably in flat shoes that we can run like hell in if need be…you never know when the zombies are coming, or when your flight is going to be delayed and you have to go from gate B4 to gate C55 which is, btw a train ride away and completely on the other side of the county. 

Seriously Too Little…these people…most of them are going someplace warm…or coming from someplace warm. I’ve noticed this trend among young girls from southern states. I want to be PC about this as much as possible, but it seems one some races out do other, though no one is blameless. This group all seem to wear the same thing. short shorts, and an over sized tank top that is very loose with large arm holes. This isn’t a problem in it’s self…the problem really is that they don’t wear a cami under the tank top like they should. You can see all of their bra…no I mean ALL of it. Really. NOT CLASSY LADIES. These shirts were really made for the beach, and that’s a damn fine place to wear them. I’m very for experimenting with fashion, and I’ve been known to alter beach attire for other events, but…uch…come on. Have a little class. Another big offender was the tropical sun dresses, which I’m a big fan of, and wear often myself…but oh the bra straps. Bra  straps everywhere…both front and back….please cover them up! Wear a little cami…or invest in a strapless bra. Class people…Class! (I’m so classy, I’m typing this post with my pink up! lol Actually that’s for some reason how I always type.)

I’ve also learned that the back seats of the plane, while close to the bathroom, make you think you’re about to die every 5 minutes.

Airport food has improved! There’s so many fantastic places to eat now, and larger chain restaurants are all over the place…no more McDonald’s or Burgerking…I had Five Guys at my layover. It was awesome.

Although convenience stores in the airport carry really amazing high end things, they’re seriously way over priced. I wondered why my bill for a potato chip chocolate bar and Peak Tea was 10.00…yea…no….my chocolate bar no joke was 6.99. I mean it was a seriously yummy chocolate bar, but still…no.

Over all, my travel experience with Delta was pretty great. I like the new upgrades to the TSA conditions, so now electronics can be left on with Airplane Mode activated. Thank you, TSA. Delta’s new  little safety video is cute too, and made me chuckle, way to get people to pay attention to the announcements again!

Working with Priceline, a dream as always. This was the first time I tried the Name Your Own Price feature, and it worked out really well, although I was a little concerned about not having a seat assigned until I found my gate…but no big deal. I’m pretty loyal to Priceline. I did try using to compare prices, and really…eh. I even listened to their little rate tracker thing, and ended up screwing myself over because I waited as it advised. Prices did not drop, they went WAY THE HELL UP.I also tried,,, and many of the other websites kayak suggested. I ended up going back to Priceline because their site was secure, where as others were not. I also named my own price and got a much better deal. Sticking with Priceline…besides… William Shatner is awesome.