Name: Nadeau

Pronounced: Na-dough

DOB: May 23

Sign: Gemini

Blood Type: O –

Hometown: Chelsea, MA

Current Town: Cleveland, OH

Favorite Foods: Sushi, Chocolate, Asian

Least Favorite Foods: Unagi Don…It’s a texture thing.

Awesome Jobs: Middle Eastern dance teacher and entertainer, fire performer, and freelance artist.

Not so Awesome Jobs: Caregiver

Dance Studio: Shuvani Dance Studio, Akron OH

Dance Troupes: The Shuvani Jezebels, Maevyn, Wicked Gypsy Fire Troupe, Gypsy Sirens (Teacher/Choreographer)

Hobbies: Bellydance, costuming, art, steampunk, writing, nail art, make-up


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  1. Hi Nadeau,

    This is Kevin from, your blog is awesome, and we want to send some of our Nail Art samples to you, would you like to test and review?

    Best regards,

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